The Secret Key to Healing (HUNGARIAN language)

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Meditation 1: The Cleansing and Recoding of Our Morphogenetic Field I
The Energetic Dissolution of the Roots of Our Fears and Pains

This meditation offers the possibility of a special and powerful healing by revealing the key of real and permanent healing and the option of changing. According to the Celestial Masters’ teaching, if there is a certain situation, pain, fear, danger, bad habit, behavior pattern, relationship role play etc. that exists for a long time, three months at least or if it is repeated many times in our life, then it creates a fix, solid energetic pattern in our aura, in our morphogenetic field, and thus it will reactivate itself again and again, like an active creative pattern. Then it takes only a thought or a feeling of fear to recall and reactivate the energetic charge so that it can unfold in only a few minutes and realize that certain pain, conflict or state of dependency. The more often it manifests, the more layers – like of an onion – are built around the original energetic pattern, which can take over and control our thoughts, feelings, relationship, physical state etc., more and more. This creates the role-plays for example, which keep returning in some of our relationships, where each participant plays his or her role again and again, because the energy pattern that is active in our aura runs the program, like a screenplay. There is always such an already established energetic pattern present in our morphogenetic field behind all our dependencies, compulsions, panic attacks and the recurring physical pains and fears, too.

During this meditation we travel into a special sanctuary, where we meet our Inner Master and with the help of the healing crystals s/he brings, we reveal these harmful programs and we transform them into light, by a deep release. This way we can truly break free from the inner propelling force of our problems and we have the possibility of choosing and creating a new, different reality in its place, built from light. This inner journey will bring great liberation!

Meditation 2: The Dissolution of the Morphogenetic Field II
The Energetic Dissolution of the Roots of Our Problems

In this meditation we offer the possibility of using this release related to any theme or problem you whish to deal with.

It can be very helpful in the treatment of different anxiety or panic disorders, dependencies, addictions, eating disorders and also in the dissolution of further cycles of pain, the transformation of the failures and role-patterns that return in our relationships but also in any topical, hardly manageable and recurring problem.

For this, it is important to define and write down two questions, two problems in which you would like to ask for help.

Then you should just relax and surrender yourself to the journey in the depths of your own self.

This meditation should be done several times related to the given theme until that certain low vibrational energy pattern completely dissolves and turns into light, and we can feel that we are truly ready for the change and to project a new, positive program into our aura instead of the previous one.

Let this meditation be an everyday instrument in the treatment of your recurring problems!

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