As a continuation of this blog series, we will next explore the nature of the astrological wheel. The astrological wheel is used as the lens for interpreting the Antares Code and much of the overview presented here is a synopsis of information shared by Bea in an informal talk she sent to our Bellingham, WA Stellar Nations group. This MP3 recording was shared with us to enhance our understanding of how to approach our Antares Code. You too can listen to it, (LINK)

And, you many also consider this post to be a “study-guide” write-up of the information. It will be helpful to print this post out and refer to it as you are intuitively drawn into looking at different aspects of your Code.

It is also helpful to think of this synopsis as a guide for an interactive process. Understanding your Code is really about the incarnational level of yourself, the person you are now, creating a deep, grounded, consistent way for your Higher Self, your Celestial Self, to talk to you and whisper the secrets of your own being to you.  So as you read about the character of each section of the astrological wheel, keep in mind that this information is best used to form questions that you can ask yourself.

As Bea and Aniko summarize:

“We teach our groups how to ask questions from the soul, in the mirror of the teachings of the Stellar Nations, such as: “What does it mean that Chiron stands on my 7th House cusp and conjuncts Mirach?” Everyone can ask such questions based on their own Antares-Code, because each question like this is answered by a very specific, exact and completely personal and individual story. There are no set answers or stereotypes. There is always a very precisely definable point of personal karmic history behind the Code that is represented by the conjunction of Chiron and Mirach in the 7th House in the given birth horoscope. Aspects will mean something different to everyone but there is always a story in the background. If we understand that, then we can truly step forward on the path of self-discovery and self-recognition. This is what the path of our initiation is all about!

If we learn about the codes hidden in the planetary and stellar rays of our Antares-codes, the stories revealed can give us keys that can guide us back to the experience that helps us to simply know who we are and what fate we were born to. We can then see the shadows and lights, which have made us more complete. And we can understand that our experiences have refined the diamond crystal of our soul – because only those who know darkness already can understand Light!”

Most of us likely know that the astrological wheel is crossed by a horizontal line and a vertical line and is divided into 12 houses.  The horizontal line shows the Ascendant on the left (which is also the 1st House Cusp) and the Descendant (which is also the 7th House Cusp) on the right. The vertical line shows the IC on the bottom (the 4th House Cusp) and the MC on the top (the 10th House Cusp). There is also much information on all this available through good books and internet sites. But, the main point of understanding any of this is to realize that the information about each House and aspect can be used to structure the questions that you ask yourself about your broader galactic being.

So, let’s travel together into these helpful clues!

The Ascendant (first house cusp) is the gate of entry into this incarnation.  Here your stars and planets reflect your instinctive attitude towards life. This is a basic subconscious reaction that comes from past lives and may represent something that was mastered in a past life. The orientation in coming from here and in the first six houses is towards exploring aspects of the self as an individual; the “I” aspect of yourself.  Each of the houses on the lower half of the wheel, under the Ascendant/Descendant line, reflect some aspect of the “I”. So we can look to our stars and planets in each lower lens/house with this in mind.

We could say that:

In the first house we define ourselves.

In the second house, we start to form our surroundings, to create and own our creations. This is the reflection of our relation to abundance as well.

In the third house we express our thoughts/our self. We start to learn, form our own ideas, communicate them and interact with life and with others.

In the fourth house we experience our birth family (and this is the first experience with a group). We should note that the 4th house Cusp is the IC, which reflects our karmic roots and we’ll go into that more when we look at the relationship of the IC/MC.

In the fifth house we try out creating new things and learn how to enjoy life.

In the sixth house we place ourselves in a working area and define our mission and service in life. This House also reflects our health issues.

We start our early life with the qualities of the Ascendant at the fore but we work our way into a path that seeks to identify and achieve a life purpose that is defined by our Sun. So, one way we can gain insight into our intended purpose is by examining the stars on the Sun and the house position and sign that our Sun is in. Later in life when our purpose has been met, we radiate our Purpose, our Sun, through the qualities of our Ascendant. It can be said that the Ascendant is the Alpha and Omega. We start from there and go back to there but along the way we use the challenges and influences from the stars and planets planted around the astrological wheel. If we do this well, we finish this incarnation having raised the octave of the essential qualities that we entered with on the Ascendant.

Opposite the horizontal support beam that starts with the Ascendant, is the Descendant. The Descendant is where we leave the path of our personal “I-centered” evolution and turn our attention to the outside and towards the other. In the dynamism of creation, it is important that we have the help of looking at our own self in the mirror of someone else and the character of the Descendant and 7th house (as reflected by the stars, planets and sign there) help us understand the nature of the mirror we are working with.

As humans, how we experience and utilize our emotional body is learned through relationships and that is often the most important part of our evolution. So at the 7th house Cusp (the Descendant) and into the 7th house, as we cross the horizon line and come into the upper houses, we leave our sense of “I”.  Reflecting on the stars and planets and sign on the Descendant Cusp, and also within the 7th house can help us to see how our emotional body engages in relation to an “other”.  In this area, we can ask–what are the strengths shown by our aspects, what are our challenges– in terms of how we see and use them with “the other”?

To summarize:

With the Ascendant we define ourselves within ourselves, as an “I”. From the Ascendant stars and planets and sign we can discern the quality of our general approach and attitude to most things. The energy of the Ascendant, as a special seal of light, will permeate our physical manifestation as well. The Ascendant often defines our embodiment in a way that outlines the main characteristics of our physical appearance.

With the Descendant we define ourselves with the relational help of others, as a “we”. From the Descendant stars and planets and sign we can discern the nature of the mirror that we use to learn about the “other”.

As we cross the horizon line of the wheel into the Descendant, and travel through the houses in the upper half of the wheel, we learn, step-by-step, more about our relational self:

In the 7th House, to our partner.

In the 8th House to our psyche and to our karmic akashic records.

In the 9th House to how we reach for higher knowledge and faith.

In the 10th House to how we express this higher knowledge on a bigger stage.

In the 11th House to how we share, lead and care-take those we are entrusted with.

More specifics on these houses…

With the 8th house Cusp and into the 8th house, after learning different aspects of ourselves step-by-step in houses 1-6 and being mirrored by a mate or others in the 7th house, we are asked to enter a little death. We are asked to let go of everything we think we know; all we have defined so far. We are asked to leave the structure of the visible and reach for the invisible. This reflects an impetus to grow ourselves towards our soul and spiritual levels; to recognize that we are really more than that which can be seen, felt, understood and learned. This can be a painful transformation and it is best met by letting ourselves fold into the nothingness of an inner cave period for a while

After all the letting go in the 8th house we are ready to be reborn into the 9th house; we are ready to look at the multi-layered thousand-faced wonders of Creation. Here we seek to understand the higher life plan which comes from our soul.  To do this we seek to understand the Divine Plan of Creation, the Higher Truth.

Next on the MC, the 10th house cusp, we can get a feel for the main purpose of our life and on which stages we wish to appear to express that. We’ll discuss this more deeply below in the context of the IC/MC relationship.

The 11th house and its Cusp reflects our growth into our purpose and now in this house the question is, how will we share all the wisdom that we have gained? How will we share our understanding of the spiritual world and how will we take care of the community we are part of in this regard?

The 12 house Cusp and on into the 12th house is a place of spiritual stock-taking. Contemplating the stellar influences here, we can look back on the path of our evolution and synthesize a true spiritual wisdom from all our experiences. But if a level of spiritual recognition has not been attained, it can be hard to discern what the 12th house influences want to tell us. And if the Sun is in the 12th house, there is a challenge of feeling invisible, as if no one sees you. While the Sun in the 12th House is not easy to be born with, eventually it can be the source of great creative, artistic or spiritual talents.

The 12th house can also be an inner cave experience and if we can understand the influences on the 12th house cusp and into the house, they can show us how to redeem our karmic patterns. So the 12th House stars, planets and sign reflect a potent storehouse of influences that can provide a powerful leverage point for opening up deep inner secrets that need to be revealed to be healed.

I have always been galvanized by one little sentence from page 59 of the Stellar Nations Volume 1. Near the bottom of the page in a discussion of the 12th house, it says: “But at this point, a very special spiritual ray, with an incredibly high vibration connects to you, your Higher Self, your inner master being.” Somehow when that line jumped out at me, I imagined that one of the stars on my 12th house Cusp might be like an umbilical cord between the incarnational me and my Higher Self. I Iooked at all my stars there then and asked that question,” Which one of you connects me to my inner Master Being?”  Over time, from continuing to ask and from receiving inner impulses and prompts and working with the stories for deeper understanding and deep healing of karmic wounds, I now feel that the star that is my “umbilical cord” is Alkaid.

Alkaid is a star in the Bear Nation and it is one of the 7 Wisdoms that define Christ Consciousness. The Wisdom of Alkaid is: Believing in the Wisdom and Power of the Light. It has been a lifelong consuming question (and despair) of mine to wonder if the dark forces are actually stronger than Light. I was truly not sure. Long before I met the Stellar Nations, I actively asked this question (which is probably why I attracted the Stellar Nations!).  At this point, I can now use my understanding and feeling for Alkaid as a guide for my reactions to the events of daily life. It is really helpful to feel connected to the sentient being of Alkaid, to that strength and belief in the Wisdom of Light. This conscious link literally helps me feel that I can breathe in the quality, the Light of Alkaid, when I feel discouraged about either little or big things in life.

Additionally, it is so helpful to feel that I can now reflexively fortify myself at an imaginal “buffet table” of different qualities of Light that come from knowing many of the stars and their Nations. The refraction from understanding other stellar rays enhances and extends my feeling for Alkaid. For example, when I turn to Alkaid for strength, a flash thought of other star/s may drop in re-enforcing different attributes of Light. Usually something about the related stellar thought expands my understanding in the moment and helps me see into the situation before me. It all provides a quick, lightly perceptible but anchoring sense of guidance. For instance, if Sirius A comes in I might breathe in the creative charge of the Unicorn and know that there is a whole Library of Creation held there, and simultaneously I breathe in the knowing that the 12 Male Serpent Knowledges of the Tree of Life are based there, expressing the mechanisms of Creation and the wonders of the different workings of Creation. I know that the Female Serpent Nation comes from the same root on Sirius A and that the feminine path of healing is designed as a complementary force to the male mission of teaching. Breathing in these thoughts/feelings/pictures of different Stellar attributes, allows my sense of Self to expand beyond the scope of daily life. This enables me to draw on something that is bigger and is sustaining and literally expands my experience of Self while still allowing me to remain perhaps even more present in daily life.

Thus, you can find deep grounding for your being in the stars. It may sound a little counter-intuitive to speak of the solidity of “grounding” in relation to the stars, as we have so long only conceived of them as spectral gaseous orbs.  But as we learn the stories and characteristics of the stars and realize that they are sentient beings, each an aggregation of different soul particles of ours, each having different qualities of Light, consisting of soul particles gathered by mutual affinity, learning and expressing based on the “rules” of their particular dimension, we can realize that these are our own “Codes.” And consciously putting on our “Celestial Cloak”, our “Stellar Mantle” offers us a way to solidly ground ourselves – in a very fluid way. The perfect Aquarian expression of grounding!

To take this understanding full circle–when we know that the stars are light frequencies that carry information and we are each the center point, the nexus, of a matrix of our own higher dimensional Light frequencies, we can interact with the stars/ourselves through our questions. By developing this relationship, we are inviting the doors between the different dimensions to open. So, taking it back to Bea and Aniko’s guidance, this is why they teach us to ask questions from the soul, in the mirror of the teachings of the Stellar Nations. In doing this, we are asking our soul to work with us on interacting with these codes, our codes. There are no limits to what we can ask, to what we can explore! For instance, we might ask our soul to watch for times when we experience reactive or embedded responses that we want to alter. We can ask that instead of our usual knee-jerk reaction, that we would appreciate a star story of ours to download right then– as a prompt– to suggest a higher octave response. In this way we can en-train ourselves UP and introduce a harmonic quality into ourselves and into our environment.

There are a few more things to look at to complete our overview. We mentioned the IC (fourth house Cusp) and MC (10th House Cusp) along the way but there is more to understand about each aspect and their dynamic together. We can know that the IC shows our karmic roots and also the family karmic roots that we were born with and that we brought in from our ancestors. The family that we chose to be born into supplies the figures that build up an atmosphere that opens our karmic wounds. So, often childhood is the first surface upon which we experience our karmic wounds.

4th house influences show how our emotional body is coded by our family surroundings and childhood. They also show how we imagine our future family; the one we might want to create in later life. For instance, if there are a lot of planets or Juno here it can mean that we want to be a wife (husband). If Ceres or the Moon are here, we want to be a mother and these aspects show that we came in with a plan/attitude/wish to become a mother as a very important intention for our life. If there are not too many influences here it does not mean that we won’t have, or don’t want, our own family someday. It just means that the family aspect wasn’t a main focus or wasn’t given priority in our incarnational life plan. Having a family can be a part of our life but not as an important karmic pattern or crucial theme to redeem and heal now.

We rise from the karmic roots of the IC up to the top of our chart, to the MC. This line shows from where to where: where we come from and where we want to improve. The MC reflects our attitude towards working for our purpose. So you can look at your Stellar Nations and stars here and ask how they might reflect your attitude towards your purpose.

Now with this overview, we can further reflect that the Cusps of the 4th, 8th and 12th houses speak of the deepest karmic roots that we need to deal with. As we mentioned, the 4th house Cusp (or IC) reflects the karmic problem through our childhood family situation and experiences. The karmic roots reflected in our 8th and 12th house Stellar Cusps are not as easily understood. This is where the deepest wounds are hidden. To understand these issues, we need to have humility and we need to allow insights to come from a meditative stance. We often hide our guilt here, guilt that comes from our rebellion against the Creator. It is very important to understand our deep guilt from the angle of stellar consciousness. Because our guilt often causes us to repeatedly pull punishment upon ourselves, the stories of the stars at the 8th and 12th house stellar conjunctions often tell the stories behind our looping cycles of self-punishment. By understanding these we can work towards forgiving ourselves and equalizing these feelings. The stellar understanding is truly wide enough and deep enough to open up a whole new view and provide the tools to turn all the guilt into redemption and into a new cycle.

One more astrological dynamic bears looking at in our overview. That is the Moon Nodes—the Descending or South Moon Node and the Ascending or North Moon Node.

The Descending Moon Node shows our deep, deep karmic past and represents the main issues that we have brought in for redemption in this lifetime. We have worked hard on this in many lifetimes and may have a natural understanding of these issues and yet we often repeat the same mistakes over and over until, sick of the repeating pattern, we suddenly wake up at some point and realize that our known and comfortable way of handling things no longer works. To gain insight into these karmic issues we need to meditate on the stellar influences here and accept the complex feelings this may generate in us. The question we are asking here is, “What is the karmic issue I came to redeem in this lifetime?”

When we do wake up to needing to change, we need to choose an opposite way and start a new cycle. This is an important point in our lifetime and can bring a good feeling in looking back upon it. We can then claim the realization and acknowledge the deep level of change that was needed and faced (and go ahead — have a little inner celebration—invite your Master Star from the 12th house to the party!)

To receive further insight and help with the karmic tendencies revealed by the Descending Moon Node, the Ascending Moon Node shows us what the best tools or qualities would be to redeem the karmic issue/s reflected in the Descending Node. This is all reflected by the sign, the house, the planets and stars on the Ascending Moon Node. We can use this information to elevate ourselves towards this higher point, out of our karmic binds.

Well, if you have made this far…reading the first, second and now the third part of Working with Your Antares Code…you definitely get a gold star! There is a lot of information here and also in the Stellar Nations Volume 1 (pages 37-74) and in the previously referenced MP3 recording made by Bea.

Important information about how to interpret the Planets and Asteroids in greater depth will be fully discussed in the English version of Stellar Destinies which is currently being translated. Part One should be available in Spring, 2018. If you work consistently with your Antares Code now, you will have established a great base by next Spring for diving very deeply into understanding yourself on the galactic level through the Planets and Asteroids.

Ultimately, with the dedicated use of all the tools provided by the Stellar Nations cosmology, you will be your own best source of information and healing.

Enjoy the journey–even when deep karmic unwinding might have you crushed in grief for a while. The promise of this Creation cycle, in this solar system, is woven on the loom of four Cosmic Principles that will ultimately prevail over man-made laws. Those principles are: Divine Love, Divine Law, Divine Mercy/Grace, Divine Will. I rely on centering in Alkaid (and all the rest of my Code) to help hold the Light for this vision. To actualize this, we all need to hold the Light for this vision. You, too, can find the dynamic center point of YOU in your Code.

Blessings, Leslie

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