In 2005, we found the artistic way of expression by which we can sublimate the messages of the visions and spiritual codes that awaken within us. We referred to this in the last chapter of this book.Inside the colorful sheets of glass, which reflect almost painting-like images of light even in their plain forms; there lies the pure and simple nobility of the shimmering grains of sand taken and heated up from the body of Mother Earth. We also felt that the glass – which in some mystical way is born of the desert’s sand and of the metal oxides, forming numerous special colors – is in a deep relation with the crystals, semi-precious stones and the trees. Thus we like to combine these materials with one another ever since, knowing that the grains of sand, the crystals and the trees are all keepers of our memory, and that in a very special way they are able to perceive the messages of the stellar codes, which are revealed in our present age.

These sacral objects retune our lives in an incredible way and they are wonderful carriers of the Heavenly messages and stellar codes invoked through our altar. They can also be beautiful and sensitive tools for the invocation of certain spiritual presences – Masters and Angels.

Since we make these sacral altar ornaments beside our other teaching and healing works – mainly out of the joy of artistic creation -, we can only take orders in a limited number and to a wider deadline. On the other hand, we prepare each and every artwork by attuning to the soul-energies of the purchaser, and we deliver it after attuning it with the corresponding stellar codes and a sanctifying ritual.

We are happy to announce that our light sculptures and altars listed below have been judged and individually numbered by the Hungarian Committee of Applied Arts and they are sold as unique handcrafted works of art.  

Since these sacral Tiffany sculptures are created by our own design and work, for us they represent spiritual products endowed with the code of “being sacred and inviolable”, and we kindly ask everyone to approach these altar ornaments with a similar attitude, sensing the sacredness and pureness of the spirit that is dreamt into the matter. And please understand that any kind of copying of these artworks or their use and adaptation for other purposes is against the rules of spiritual ethics and it offends the Constitution of the Alliance of Light, therefore we kindly ask you to be the guardian of this ideal and do not allow any such misuses if you happen to see any. 

With thanks and respect


Tiffany altars can only be ordered with shipping within the boundaries of Hungary.

For available products and for more information please contact us:
+36 20 940 27 49,

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