In Part 1 of this blog series we started to open the sense of our Antares Code as a multilayered holographic map that not only reflects on our life plan for this incarnation but offers the keys to understanding our galactic past within this solar system. We also established that we, as the active agent interacting with our own Code, operate as a multilayered matrix–simultaneously existing on the Spirit, Soul and Physical level with each level carrying its own stellar codes.

Now let us descend into some of the more grounded details of working with your Antares Code. We will cover this over a number of postings so that the information can be more easily assimilated.

First, and practically speaking, your Code will be sent to you in a PDF file that is about 15 pages long. You can order it with or without a time correction of your birth. If you don’t know your time of birth, or even if you just want it checked or reflected on, Bea and Aniko can read the akashic records to get that information.

After you receive the PDF, print your chart and number the pages. The last three pages are the summary of all your stellar influences. You will see that the first listings in the 3 page summary start with the Ascendant and then continue with listing the stars on each house cusp. The cusp listings, through the 12th house, are followed by the North Node, the South Node, the Sun and then the planets and asteroids. For each of these aspects, the stars that fall on them (conjunct them) are listed. You will also note that the Stellar Nation of each star is shown, as well as the astrological sign it is in, the degree, and the page number and Book Volume where the discussion of the star can be found.

It is very important to check and analyze your stellar conjunctions while reading the book so that you take the information in within the context of the stories and the whole picture. Just looking at your Code and searching out a star so you can turn to the page to see what “it means” will not provide you with any truly useful or grounded insight. As I was reading, I found it helpful to make a note in the book next to the stars that are in my Code. So, for instance, next to Arcturus I wrote “Ascendant” and next to Bellatrix I wrote, “Sun, 9th House”, etc.  This way, now that I know the sweep of the stories and the whole context, when I get an impulse to re-visit a Nation or a star I can immediately see, upon opening the book, where a given star is in my Code.

Some vocabulary:

Cusp: The line which separates a house from the next house. It is like a fence between properties, marking where one house ends and another begins.

Stellar Conjunction: Highlights the star or stars that are close to a referenced point.

The chart itself is structured on an astrological framework. This means we have the wheel, or radix, with the 12 houses and the great arching girder of the Ascendant stretching as a horizontal line of force over to the Descendant. The IC stretches from the bottom of the wheel travelling vertically upwards…like a spine …to the MC at the top of the wheel. Each of these supporting beams hold their own kind of polarity which we’ll see further on.

The reason there are so many different pages of astrological wheels (with listing pages reflecting each wheel) is because only 3-4 Nations at a time are presented on each wheel. Showing the stars on these separate wheels prevents crowding and allows easier viewing of where the stars of each Nation are on the wheel. (Don’t let all this overwhelm you! In time it will become second nature to look at all this.)

On your summary pages, the planets and asteroids (that follow the House Cusp listings) each show the stars that conjunct them. The planets and asteroids all have their place in one of the 12 Houses on your astrological wheel. As you learn to work with your Code, you will want to get to know the house positions of your Planets and Asteroids and Nodes. To do this, go back to one of the pages with a picture of the astrological wheel and find the symbol for the Planet or Sun or Node or Asteroid that you are looking for. It will show on the wheel in one of the houses. (Each House represents a distinct area of experience and learning and we’ll discuss that over the course of the postings.)

So for example, I see from the summary pages that my Sun is in Gemini and I see the stars that are conjunct with it. But to then to see what house my Sun is in, I would look back to one of the wheels and look for the Sun symbol and would see that it is in Gemini in the 9th house.

As an overview, we can know:

To look into an aspect of ourselves on the astrological level we need to know:

  1. The House a given Planetary Body is located in
  2. The nature of the House that the Planet is found in
  3. The quality/archetype of the Planetary Body
  4. The astrological sign a Planetary Body or House is in

To look into ourselves on the galactic level we need to know:

  1. What star/s conjunct a given House Cusp or Planetary Body.
  2. What Nation/s the Star is part of and the mission and story of the Nation
  3. The character and role of the conjunct star/s

These levels work together to reveal our stories. The astrological level of understanding reflects the life plan that we made for this incarnation and lays the ground-work for opening to our stellar stories. But we really only need the very basics of astrology as a frame for the deeper work with our stars and their stories.

The astrological information can help us understand our current incarnational self–the quality of our personality and the nature of our inner being.

Backlighting and expanding our incarnational story, we have our personal stories from the stars. The stellar information tells us about our history and evolution as on-going galactic beings.  Our galactic story unfolds through all our stellar conjunctions and we can think of the stories revealed by the stars as a reflection of themes from our past. As we feel into these themes and they wake up insights, we can see how and in what areas of our current life we can use and express these themes. They may represent great strengths, areas of challenge, or wounded aspects of ourselves that we can now heal.

For further nuance we can imagine that the Stellar Nations and the story dynamics that show up on the axes (Asc, Dec, IC, MC) and planets and South Moon Node tell us even more about our past, while the stars and stories on the house cusps give another aspect and layer that highlights in what area in general we had experienced those events. Thus according karmic rule and in the name of karmic atonement, understanding all this can help us see how, and in what areas of life, we can try to redeem and solve those stories. As you can see, with the stellar information we can gain a much broader, deeper understanding of ourselves.

To summarize, we might say…

All stellar conjunctions can provide insights, they all bring different messages and show varying aspects of our current life and the journey of our soul:

  • The stellar conjunctions with the Sun and the planets
  • The stellar conjunctions appearing on the main axes (Asc, Des., IC, MC) and the House Cusps
  • The stellar conjunctions with the asteroids

The galactic stories of our stars show us the nature of what provokes our current incarnational challenges, problems and conflicts. By reflecting on and feeling the related stories, we come into a much fuller understanding of the recurrent problems and stuck points that we fall into.

Understanding the background galactic stories as seen through the lens of the house and/or planet that they come through, can help us to solve the problems brought to light by the galactic stories.

I will tell you that I can now more clearly understand many lifelong challenges by understanding the stories of the stars and Nations on my house cusps and planets. But, hold that thought a moment for further development…let’s first look at the nature of the Ascendant.

The Ascendant (first house cusp) is the gate of entry into this incarnationWith the Ascendant we define ourselves within ourselves, as an “I’ and we can discern the quality of our general approach and attitude to most things and most directions (as reflected by our Ascendant stars and planets and sign). Here your stars and planets reflect your instinctive attitude towards life. This is a basic subconscious reaction that comes from past lives and may represent something that was mastered in a past life.

We start our early life with the qualities of the Ascendant at the fore but we work into a path towards identifying and achieving a life purpose that is defined by our Sun. (So, one way we can gain insight into our intended purpose is by examining the stars on the Sun and the house position and sign that our Sun is in.) Later in life when our purpose has been met, we radiate our Sun through the qualities of our Ascendant.

It can be said that the Ascendant is the Alpha and Omega. We start from there and go back to there but along the way we use the challenges and influences from the stars and planets planted around the astrological wheel. If we do this well, we finish this incarnation having raised the octave of the essential qualities that we entered with on the Ascendant.

Bea and Aniko stress that the greatest access to our galactic memories comes in a meditative way. This approach allows our memories to emerge from the inside. So, once you have some familiarity with the astrological frame, it is still most valid to take it back to basing your contemplation and questioning on the Stellar Nations stories in relation to the astrological clues. For instance, with the nature of the Ascendant in mind, as an instinctive known attitude that comes from past life orientations, now you can examine your stars there and look for: What Nations are they in? What is the mission of that Nation—is it a healing Nation, a teaching Nation, a warrior Nation? What is the nature and character of my stellar ray/s within the mission of that Nation? How might that inform what I know about myself and my instinctive attitudes in my present life? Similarly, you can ask yourself these kinds of questions about any Cusp configuration or the stars or planets and the sign they cast through.

I will share a bit about what I have learned from my Ascendant as a more fleshed out example of how to approach this. Astrologically, my ascendant is on Libra. Finding balance between opposites is an over-riding theme in my overall Antares Code and has played out throughout my life. The Planet Neptune is there, which explains a deep spiritual longing and love of transcendence and also explains the sometimes over-riding urge to blur out the lines of “reality” with distraction or substance.

I have the star Spica there, which is in the Angel Nation and the Whale Nation. From the Male Serpent Nation, I have the stars Arcturus and Murphid. So the first extrapolation might be that on the essential level of myself, from the Angel influence, I might feel a drawn to offering guidance as well as a dedication to the Creator and the Divine Plan. From the Whale Nation, I can reflect on their mission to heal and recode the morphogenetic fields of different Celestial bodies and to keep them attuned to the corresponding vibrations of the Divine Plan. I know they offer a specific and beautiful redemption service to return fallen angels home. I know the Male Serpents are a teaching Nation based on the 12 Knowledges. These are the higher aspects of each Nation and I can feel pieces of each story in me. But there are the lower aspects of the Nation’s expression, too; how and why some members fell and what kind of conflict is encountered. I have pieces of those stories in me, too.

Each star tells me a more specific story within the context of the Nation. I have learned a great deal from Murphid and have lived with its full impress for most of my years. Murphid indicates an inner strife when a messenger cannot and does not take up their fate because of serious inner fears about whether they are prepared enough, worthy enough, etc. This is not from simple fear or shyness! A heavy burden of unconscious memory can be inside this soul particle because at one time they led a group astray…either by true unknowing or because of spiritual ego. It has to do with the right and responsible use of knowledge.

I might extend this example to say that I have walked enough towards my Sun, my purpose, (as mentioned above) by this point in my life (the stellar conjunctions on the Sun are a whole other interesting stellar examination…) to now be learning to radiate the qualities of my ascendant through my Sun. And finally Murphid has been raised a few octaves and I actually feel it as one of my great friends because it keeps me questioning and not feeling like I have all the answers. This is now a good and expanding thing. And there is a lot more, of course….

I invite you to use this first bit of information about the Ascendant as a targeted inquiry into your Antares Code. May I suggest you reflect on your Ascendant with the above thoughts and suggestions in mind. Knowing yourself more deeply through your Ascendant will enhance further inquiries into your Antares Code.

In the next posting, we will continue with a grand sweep look at the Astrological Wheel and how to best use it as a basis for opening the Stellar stories.

Happy contemplating…  Leslie

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