The Holy Spirit Healing Mystery

Session 1 – Working on the Physical and Emotional Level

3-4 Hours Guided Remote Healing Journey


Dear Stellar Sisters and Brothers,

We would like to share an exciting and new opportunity and invite you to participate in a beautiful healing mystery related to the teachings of the Stellar Nations and Calling You.

Many joined the guided Cosmic Human Healing Mystery earlier this year and now we offer the further opportunity to travel with the guided Healing Mystey of the Holy Spirit while we work remotely with your Light-body to support that healing. We will do this is small groups and the details are below.

In this 2021 Year of the Holy Spirit, many more mysteries have been revealed and we have come to see more deeply that the universal quantum field is actually the Light-Body of the Holy Spirit. So, the space of apparent emptiness around us is filled with a wonderful divine intelligence and wisdom that can lead to the restoration of our deep sense of unity with God and the Goddess, with the Divine Source of all life, bringing us into our own wholeness. 

We can sum up the essence of this healing mystery very briefly by saying that from the point of view of the Holy Spirit, all pain and suffering is based on certain past events that were experienced with a deep charge of great emotional pain. And at the very core, at the deepest root of this pain, is the moment when we​ stepped out of our connection with Universal Source. This point of losing the sense of unity with Divine Source is experienced as a severing. Some event, decision, or action severed us from the primordial feeling of love, of being loved by God and the Goddess. This brought a sense of loss and of being lost. With this we likely lost our trust in Divine Providence, as well.

When viewed from the perspective of our soul, we can see that this root pain grows offshoots of new suffering as we continue to step out of the Line of our Divine Fate. Once entangled in this process, our inner sufferings create complicated knots of fate.

The Holy Spirit, as Divine Intelligence, points out these knots of fate and these ancient roots of pain.

Then it leans close to us, embracing us with sacred sounds that fill the space of apparent emptiness with the whispers of the Divine Breath.

The sacred incantations of the Holy Spirit are magic spells that are able to transmute and enlighten these old wounds, lifting them into light, health, joy, faith, and all that we are able to let ourselves experience.

It is important to understand that every physical, emotional, and spiritual pain and every knot of fate creates an anomaly in quantum space, it creates a dissonant sound, an incoherent vibrational pattern. And that is why the healing rite of the Holy Spirit consists in restoring the harmonic vibrational patterns within us on all levels with its sacred spells based on the Universal Laws of Creation and Divine Light.

The Holy Spirit carries the sound harmony that poured out from the Universal Source at the very beginning of Creation. Thus, in this healing journey we go through a sacred re-tuning and re-harmonizing rite performed by the Holy Spirit through the universal quantum field. So, at the end of this inner journey we can build a new future for ourselves and for our loved ones.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to this remote healing journey!

With Love,

Bea and Anikó


The details:

The Holy Spirit Healing Mystery

Session 1 – Working on the Physical and Emotional Level


As we are living in different parts of the globe in different time zones, we seek to offer timing that can work for many. We’ll work from Hungary (UTC+1), and you can join us, adjusting your time to ours.

Date options and time frames:

1) November 7, 2021, Sunday, starting at 5PM (UTC+1) until 9 PM (UTC+1), which is from 8 AM till Noon Pacific time USA.

2)  November 20, 2021, Saturday, starting at 5PM (UTC+1) until 9 PM (UTC+1), which is from 8 AM till Noon Pacific time USA.

3)  November 28, Sunday, starting at 5PM (UTC+1, DST) until 9 PM (UTC+1, DST), which is from 8 AM till Noon Pacific time USA.

4) December 12, 2021, Sunday, starting at 5PM (UTC+1, DST) until 9 PM (UTC+1, DST), which is from 8 AM till Noon Pacific time USA.

8 AM till Noon Pacific time USA

9AM-1PM Mountain Time,

10AM-2PM Central Time,

11AM-3PM Eastern Time,

Time zones can be extrapolated accordingly.



If you are from Australia, Japan, or other parts of the world in the UTC+8, UTC+9, etc. time zone, we might offer the possibility that we perform the mystery twice that day, starting at 9 AM in Hungary (UTC+1) and finishing at 1 PM. Thus, you can join and take part in this mystery as well at a reasonable time for you.

This session is offered under the SHOP tab on our website as a “Product” and you can go there to register and pay for one of the date options. The price for this Mystery Play and Remote Healing is $88 USD. We ask for a minimum of ­­­7 participants and a maximum of 18 for each date that the Mystery is offered.

We will need to know exactly who will join and from what address and part of the world, so we can focus on each participant remotely. During your checkout process – similar to the Antares-Code data sheet – we’ll ask for some data and if possible, we would be very happy for a picture of you which is very helpful for ​the ​remote attuning. This won’t be obligatory, of course.

To participate in this, we have prepared a Dropbox page. A link to that will be sent prior to the session. When you register and pay you have “purchased the ticket” to enter this Healing Sanctuary for the Guided Meditation and our remote healing work with you, at your specified date and time.

The Dropbox link and password will be sent in an automatic confirmation letter from the address, so if you cannot find it, please check your spam and promotion folder as well.

Please note that the password to enter will only be activated shortly before the session because it is not appropriate to listen to this Guided Journey without our remote work and before the Mystery Play is started together.

Finally, we would also like to let you know that session 2 – when we’ll work on mental and karmic level healing– will probably be offered in January 2022. Exact dates will be posted on our website and a notice letter will be sent.

We hope that many of you will join and experience this wonderful and sacred journey!


For available options please click here:


Blessed be