In the decoding process of your Antares Code you can also find a very good help in the articles written by Leslie Shankman together with us, that is also shared on our Blog site with many other brilliant materials.

Part 3 is really worth printing out and working with while you are reading the books and check your stellar conjunctions in your Antares Code.

Working with Your Antares Code, Part 1

We can probably all relate to the feeling that learning something new and unknown can be like navigating through a dark cave.  In this dark cave of the unknown our sight and our minds, usually the leading tools of apprehension, cannot supply much information. So, we grope along feeling the contours of the walls, the information. Over time a felt sense of this unknown terrain gradually emerges through our beings and informs us in a very deep and different way– from the inside out, instead of from the outside in.

This is very much the nature of the process when working with the Stellar Nations stories and one’s own Antares Code. In this blog series I would like to offer an overview sweep of many considerations that can help you feel the contours of your Code, so you can perhaps more effectively decode the Code and benefit from its riches. My write-ups are a distillation of a wonderful informal audio that Bea recorded for the Bellingham Stellar Nations group which I highly recommend. It is available as an MP3 audio file:

Understanding the messages of our ©Antares Codes – ENGLISH language

The Antares Code is a wonderful map–but it is not at all the kind of map that we just open and follow from point A to B, to get somewhere or to discern a route. The Antares Code is more of a hologram that offers a vast multi-layered mapping of many levels of being. The first thing to note is that the only way to be able to fully activate this map is to know the stories of the Stellar Nations. Reading the books is the first level of the initiation pathway that is the Stellar Nations. If you approach the Code by looking at your chart for a star and then going to the book to read all about it, this can offer you no more than a teasing whisper, like the provocative but meaningless information you might get in a fortune cookie.

Throughout this blog series, as we discuss the scope of the information that can be learned from your Code, the benefits of fully reading and knowing the stories of each Stellar Nation will become evident. We will come to see that when working with the Antares Code, understanding the galactic stories is much more important than understanding astrology. To appreciate the full gift of these stories as they relate to the Code, we must understand that we operate on several levels. We will start this exploration at the beginning—which from our current perspective as incarnated humans, seems like the end. Yes, that is a confusing statement, but it reflects the nature of the hologram that we live in.

So let me be less confusing by telling you in a linear way that in Part One of this blog series, I will outline the ultimate goal of working with ones Antares Code. And that goal, at its simplest, is to come to an understanding of our own beginning and thereby come to understand, and be informed by, our story that has unfolded from that beginning. We are all finally on the journey of making our way back to our roots, carrying the acquired wisdom of our experiences.  This is why we might now view what was once our beginning as the end that we are striving towards. We greatly enrich this journey with the understanding of our roots from a stellar perspective on the broadest galactic stage. This changes the whole game!

But we can also know that we don’t finish this pursuit in our lifetime. Understanding our Stellar Consciousness is something we can work on decoding until our last breath. This is probably because Stellar consciousness not only offers itself as a goal, but possibly more importantly it offers itself as an ongoing relationship. Living in relationship with Stellar consciousness can enliven daily life into an exciting multi-textured and colorful flow of ever increasing information and a widening perspective that inherently provides the deep healing of many karmic wounds.

In addition to being informed by out Natal Antares Code, another layer of understanding our current life plan can be opened by our Solar Return Antares Code. This “sub-map” casts the stellar rays for our given solar year and can be used in juxtaposition to the Natal Code. The Solar Return Code highlights what we need to unlock and decode from our whole being in that solar year (from our birthdate one year to the next), pulling forward a main theme to deal with on a deeper level so that we can heal our past in relation to that theme.

With these thoughts about the Natal and Solar charts, we must also accept that no one is able to carry and bear their whole galactic karmic past all at once. Navigating into Stellar consciousness rightly offers an ever emerging, ever widening, picture that only comes into focus step by step as we are ready for the information.

So, starting with the beginning of our individuated history, we have the Spirit level. The Spirit level of our being reflects our main decision and first expression when we reached the point in our galactic past of stepping out of the Universal Oneness to individuate. At this point, we had the choice of entering one of three pathways: the Angelic, the Cosmic Human or the Holy Spirit. Since we are embodied, we know that we did not choose the pathway of the Holy Spirit. But on the Spirit level we did choose to either pursue our individuation on the Angelic or Cosmic Human pathway.

Choosing the Angelic pathway did not preclude us from being human. Those who chose the Angelic pathway on the Spirit level have just had a different experience than those who chose the Cosmic Human pathway. Since the Angelic orientation and motivation is towards serving and protecting the highest Divine Will and the Divine Plan of the Creator, the inner eyes and heart of the Angelic Spirit are oriented towards serving the Creator and moving Creation forward.  Thus they are not as familiar with the Stellar Nations in the same intimate viseral way as someone who chose to step out as a Cosmic Human on the Spirit level. The expereince of their galactic journey has been more like watching from above rather than fully participating in running the different codes of each Nation through themselves.

Those who stepped out on the Spirit level as Cosmic Humans have more fully entered into the experiencing of the Soul Families over their galactic journey. They been through the brightest sides and the darkest sides of each Nation. They will feel more familiar with the different Stellar stories, as they have experiences with all or most of the Nations. In the end, their greatest treasure is these experiences and from them they will have many more stories to bring back to the Creator.

The pathway that you had once chosen on the Spirit level will affect the way you feel your way through your Antares Code journey…(and through your incarnations!). With a Cosmic Human orientation, the stars and Nations of your stellar conjunctions will speak to you with more stories than those who have an Angelic orientation.

Another part of the goal is to identify our Stellar roots on two additional levels: on the Soul level and on the Physical level. On the Soul level we can have roots in 1, 2, or even 3 different Stellar Nations. These pathways will be reflected in us by how we express ourselves. We have brought these Nations into this incarnation to be expressed.

Lastly, if we can discern what kind of Stellar rays we embody through our physical being in this incarnation, this also brings in an important aspect that provides another enriching layer to understanding ourselves. Since we are incarnated in a human body on Earth we can know that on the physical level we carry at least 51% of an ethereal stellar code of the Cosmic Humans. Besides this, out of the 8 possible lines that can be held on the physical level, we can carry one more stellar root and its embodiment. (See the broader discussion of all of this in Chapter 16 of Volume 2 and the specific discussion of physical level stellar roots starting on page 372).

There can be some people who, on the physical level, find no other code besides being fully Cosmic Human, but most often we carry one more line. Bea shares that this is the original rule but probably because this life is meant to be the life of final redemption, sometimes she and Aniko have noticed other variations in people they have met during the past years. They have seen that some people, after living out and healing the line they inherited to the greatest possible degree, can experience drastic body changes and another stellar line which was invoked and accepted for healing seems to show up. Bea cites, for instance, seeing someone who came with a “Bird – fairy body” arriving into her forties with her body changing to show and bring up more Female Serpent themes. Other times a Female Serpent body formed into a Whale body or a Bear body. Bea reflects that these changes are not just a matter of hypothyreosis which can be behind such physical changes. Rather these changes are provoked by karmic themes that the Soul accepted at one point in its life. This can be probably be seen in the solar return chart of the given year if we look back.

While we first read along in the books, we may feel that a stellar ray or Nation is present and alive in us. We can check our charts then to see if that ray is in our Code. With any particular ray that elicits a feeling in us, whether it is in our Code or not, this feeling opens a memory gate that is like a tiny hole at first. We don’t see much yet, and to extend our beginning analogy, it is as if a new contour or texture emerges from the  walls of the dark cave that we are feeling our way along. That awareness sparks us though, setting up the gate for further opening.

Then as we read more, and re-read parts as if called into them, when we reach a sense of almost breathing together with the books and their stories, those gates open wider and wider and the first little holes widen, letting many things through, telling you many things about yourself. Once you have read through both books you start to have a picture about your own self and story.

As you work with your Code you can ask, “What are my Stellar roots on the Spirit, Soul and Physical levels?” Realizing where our roots are on each level ultimately helps us decode our charts on much deeper levels. With this broader sense of how the different levels of our being are rooted, we can look at our conjunctions and the stories they tell and make the distinction between which stories are our own–which we have actually experienced in some way–versus the stories we have only been witness to. Our own stories speak of our rebellion, our wounding and our resultant guilt– as well as our challenges, successes and failures along the way. The stories we have only witnessed are reflective of the task or mission we have undertaken with others. As a witness to the stories of the Nations that we are not rooted in, we may have only been involved in a guiding entrusted way.

There are many helpful keys to the map of the Antares Code. Firstly, the Code is established around the astrological wheel. Information gained from the astrological perspective is very valuable. From the level of the planets and asteroids and their positions in the houses, we can learn the life plan that we pre-planned in the Bardo. These aspects were derived from our karmic past and highlight the most important parts of our personal life; what we need to deal with and give a bigger focus to in this incarnation. We can use the analogy that our astrology is like a stage and the different aspects are the scenes and actors on that stage. We engage within these pre-set aspects and play out our incarnation on this stage. This astrological information comes from the fourth dimension.

But then, adding the stellar information onto the astrological wheel, shines the rays of Stellar Consciousness onto this stage. This stellar information comes from the seventh dimension. Now suddenly it is as if the stage is literally backlit with these stellar rays and the extra lighting brings all kinds of dimension and nuance to the play unfolding on the stage. The new information from the stars, coming in from the higher soul and spirit aspects of ourselves, drops different stories and memories into us and we start to become a new character within this play. As you can imagine, and as you well know if you have worked with the Stellar Nations for a while, the stories and memories from stellar consciousness can vastly change the trajectory of the play being acted out on the stage of our incarnation!  And as we saw from Bea and Aniko’s observations above, this can even cause great changes on the physical level.

The Antares Code provides us with a mirror of the personal evolution of our soul and as we gradually realize this, it changes our daily life; peeling away layers and layers of bound karmic knots, helping us to rediscover and re-align with our originally planned destiny.

Stay tuned for the next blog wherein we will take a detailed walk around the astrological wheel and explore more valuable keys to decoding the map of your Antares Code.

Shine on!

Blessings, Leslie

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