We are really happy to report another wonderful retuning initiation!

Between 22 and 25 September 2011, through a very intense four-day-long initiating training, we passed on the beautiful and highly sacred secret of the  Lemurian Mysteries to another 53 members of our spiritual community – including the members of our previous healing group  . The members of this community have been some of our students who have progressed with us for many years now, thus they have gone through the series of courses called the Galactic Myths of the Stellar Nations, then they burned through the deep self-healing processes of the Cycles of Redemption, and after that they learned how to operate the Lemurian Light-body star vehicle, and during the years they have proved that in the bottom of their soul and heart, they have arrived with the remembrance of the Lemurian island of the Stars (Aion-Ara-Celest-Thé-Om, described in details in our book titled “The Galactic and Earthly Keys of the Final Redemption) and their destiny is permeated by the representation of the stellar consciousness, too.

So a wonderful, infinitely pure and sacred retuning method was born, which contains the completeness of Creation, permeated by the rays of all the 13 Stellar Nations and in which each motion and touch is moved by the transmission of the energies of mercy.  For this very reason our star-coordinators can be contacted with almost any problem, let it be physical diseases or emotional, relationship crises, child-bearing problems, processes of self-searching – except for the extreme psychotic disorders and the addictions. All the seeking people who long to be healed will certainly experience what an exceptionally powerful mystery and miracle it is when the stellar forces of Creation join for their Life and lift them back into their Divine Destiny, their true pathway, and by the mercy they gently lead them out of the pain cycle of the illusion of separateness, which is the real cause for all the physical and emotional suffering. Thus an inner healing and self-healing process may begin by which the physical and emotional pains will be dissolved.

(We would like to note briefly that for the all-time protection of the people who long to be healed, we suggest that when finding a star-coordinator who undertakes the transmission of the Lemurian Mysteries, or advertises him or herself in doing that, and you wish to be informed whether that star-coordinator has been trained for that, and if s/he is doing it creditably and truly by the transmission of the teachings of the Stellar Nations, then please do not hesitate to contact and ask us at info@yahunagaia.hu  , and we will be happy to let you know whether that person has been commissioned with the use of this retuning method or not, by us and by the spiritual forces that guide us. )

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