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Breaking free from the Stress-Matrix – The Pathway to Inner Peace and Unity (HUNGARIAN language)

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We live in a world and an age of extremely diverse vibrational qualities and we exist in a network of internal and external impulses. Our nervous system, body and fine energetic system are challenged by millions of stimuli each day which we try to apprehend and respond to. This causes the organisms of people living in Western civilizations to feel that they are racing with time and this information-tsunami is experienced as a tremendous burden of stress. And as we strive to react to the impulses and complete our tasks, this stress pulls us away from our lives, it detaches us from the inner guidance of our Divine Destiny. This separation often signals to us as a ceaseless inner anxiety. We well know that unfortunately this harmful over-stimulation is all part of an intentional collective mass manipulation that surrounds us. It is not a coincidence that we are entangled in the matrix of both the enchantment and the constraint that comes with the use of smartphones, tablets, computers and TV screens. Unfortunately, complete generations grow up enmeshed like this.

The artificial energy fields from these devices have many negative and destructive biological and neurophysiological effects. They pull us into ceaseless singular focus towards the screen and its endless content and we totally forget to relax. The radiation from the screens reduces the production of Melatonin in the pineal gland. As a result, we cannot sleep, our senses are severely overdosed, our nervous system is exhausted and our muscles are tense. Then chronic fatigue syndrome comes on from adrenal exhaustion and this creates the ground for panic disorders and different anxiety neurosis to evolve.

In response to this, we have created a meditation tool that teaches us to relax and truly rest again. It helps to discharge and release the effects of the unbearable burden of impulses assaulting our body and nervous system. It soothes our nerves, it helps us to break out of the grip of rushed time and the multiple demands that we comply to all the stimuli. During the meditation we release the energy of anxiety and worry so that we may come into the present again and to feel capable of doing well on a daily basis. This inner journey can be used to close the day, every evening. It can help us go to sleep or perhaps to wake up and to let go of all the stress and emotional and mental burdens that have piled up inside. It also includes a positive programming, which turns our weaknesses into inner power, so that the anxiety and worries may be replaced by infinite peace and faith in ourselves and in life.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Cover artwork by Emese Szabados “Returning to the Island of Peace”

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by RoyalteFreeMeditationMusic.com and stock media provided by Pond5.com


Digital version, mp3

Hungarian language

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