The Sacral Rite of Rescuing one of our Suffering Soul-particle (HUNGARIAN language)

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We prepared this very special meditative inner journey in addition to the 4 supplementary CDs of our book titled “The Galactic and Earthly Keys to the Mystery of Final Redemption”, for those who – after having experienced the Cycles of Redemption – feel prepared to enter the sacral rite of the rescue of a suffering particle of their soul.

“In the previous ages this could only be realized in certain exceptional situations and only with a special higher permission, usually within the frames of a Shamanic ritual. During those, the Shaman guide could travel through the worlds across the time-and-space gates opened in a deep trance, in order to find the lost soul-particles, which were stuck in a certain suffering or darkness. And after finding them, the Shaman brought them back to Life and the Light by wrapping them in his own soul. Then those very deeply traumatized particles of the soul get into the transient state, where they get very deep healings by Heaven’s mercy; they begin to awake, and become conscious and clear and the discharging, transfiguring and the final release of those energies begin to take place, which had been impossible to work with previously.”

And now, through this exceptionally powerful meditation all the truly matured and conscious Lightworkers who have been prepared by the experiences of the Cycles of Redemption can have the opportunity to perform this important self-healing rite!

When such a particle of our soul is healed and then connected to us, an incredible power can emerge within us, as if we were completed, received certain answers, gained consciousness, momentum and happiness for the tests and trials of our everyday life and also a feeling of inner pureness can appear together with a very subtle harmony.

(But we’d like to call your attention that this meditation can only be used to help after reading the aforementioned book and listening to the four supplementary CDs, because that is the only way the process of the soul rescue can be truly conscious and safe.

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