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The Heavenly and Earthly Roots of the Mystery of the Sacred Relationship (HUNGARIAN language)

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One of the most important aspects and treasures of human life is the possibility to meet with each other, to love and to be loved and to create new completeness by complementing each other. Our relationships and the complex feelings they evoke become our most important experiences; through them we can learn about ourselves and about life as well, all the while deeply encoding our emotional-bodies.

Almost every human is concerned with the mystery of the sacred relationship, because we all long to be complemented and to immerse in the fulfilling reflection of love. We desire to belong to someone until the end of our lives, to deal with the challenges and difficulties of life together and to have someone to share the most beautiful moments with.

Nonetheless there have always been the great questions:

“What is the invisible force that guides people towards one another to find love and passion in the other, or maybe inversely leads the destructive extreme of “Can’t live with or without you”.

“What is it that provokes the decision inside of us to get married, have a family or to get divorced?”

“What is the real root and motivation of our own marital relationship, our family bonds, and of the attractions we experience from the desire of our soul to be complemented?”

“What does the idea of a karmic relationship, a twin flame or a soulmate mean to us and how many different faces and manifestations can they have?”

We can receive the personal answers to these questions by listening to this meditation many times, and with each listening, unraveling new pieces of the puzzle from our own earthly and galactic history in the mirror of our relationships.

We would like to emphasize that you should only order this meditation if you have already read our book “Stellar Nations – Soul Families” and “Stellar Destinies”, because only then can you come to conscious understanding of all the messages and codes of this meditative pathway.

Like all our meditations, this inner journey carries a very serious hidden teaching, too, which can give explanations to many of the questions that emerge about this subject.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Cover artwork by Emese Szabados “The Meeting of Áhann and Iota”

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by RoyalteFreeMeditationMusic.com and stock media provided by Pond5.com

Digital version, mp3

Hungarian language

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