The Healing Secrets of the Deva of Our Body (HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE)

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Over the years we have seen that many people on the spiritual path find it easy to travel all the way to the stars, gaining admittance to wonderful higher dimensional realms. Yet they find it hard to descend into the inner world of their body and use their consciousness to explore the microcosmic realm and the very lively spiritual being that resides within the body. They cannot seem to bring the same enthusiasm, sense of adventure and spiritual openness to the inner world of their body that they bring to traveling outwards.

Nonetheless it is a truly cathartic and touching experience to meet with the Deva of our Body. Since our body gains a part of its consciousness from the realm of Mother Earth, it actually feeds on the ethereal light-matrix of the sacral being of the natural environment. The body also holds a magical self-healing power, which we can learn to unfold and release in its completeness when we surrender ourselves to this meditation path with deep respect and love. Opening step by step, we are able to look at our body and the Deva of our body as the fairies and the nature spirits do… and as Gaia see us. …

This meditation can rehabilitate our inner dialogue with the body, enabling us to make a new alliance with the spirit of our body. We can become powerful healers of our body, we can reverse diseases, discharge pain and we can begin to control our lives on a much purer and more creative vibrational level. In this way a cell-level and energetic restructuring and fine retuning may begin, which will respond to everything inside and around us.

We invite you to this special journey with love!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó


Cover artwork by Emese Szabados – Fairy Magic…

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by and stock media provided by

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Hungarian language

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