The First Key to the Processes of Creation (HUNGARIAN language)

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The birth of this meditation was guided by one of the 13 Stellar Nations born on the galactic sky of Creation – the wisdom and the Celestial message of the Stellar Nation of the Unicorns.

The Ogmin Tara Nation hands over the keys of the processes of creation and the mystery of manifestation to the humanity of the Earth. The “first key” reveals that the undiminished and unconditional Trust in our body, in our life and in the Celestials is absolutely necessary in order for our dreams and long-held plans to be realized in this 3rd dimensional world.

As this unconditional trust and complete surrender is the main anchoring string that connects the idea of our creations to this plane of existence.

This wonderful meditation guides us through an extremely powerful healing in which we can dissolve the moments of losing the trust in our body and in our life, and it can help us release the memories of our losses of faith and disappointments in God and the Goddess, or in the Divine dispensation. It reestablishes our relationship with our body and our life and so we can actually begin to create with the certainty that these dreams will truly root in our earthly world, too, to become our Life…


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