The Dream of your Body I. – Meeting the Spirit of Your Body (HUNGARIAN language)

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This meditation is a gentle remedy to one of the troubling problems of our times, the furious battle against the extra pounds. It can initiate real and deep changes. No diet, fasting or appetite reducers can be effective on the long run without the real mental and emotional turn, the changeover of the often aggressive attitude towards our body. This meditation can guide us back to the root of the weight problems. We can understand how the relationship of our body decayed, how the communication ceased with the spirit of our body and a special deep healing can begin, a new alliance can be born without which it is impossible to transform the shape of our body in a positive way and to maintain our good health. It can provide some important help for the people suffering of overweight and also in cases of anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Additionally, it can be useful for people suffering in any chronic diseases that are difficult to cure and which could be caused by our bad relationship with our body.

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Hungarian language

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