When the Message Descended on Earth… (HUNGARIAN language)

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An important revelation arrived in the previous weeks, which shed light on the fact that this year’s Christmas will be one of the most important celebrations since 2012. In a spiritual sense, a beautiful and uplifting gate will be opened, in which the Holy Spirit will deliver one of its most precious treasures as a closing accord of the year of the Holy Spirit, providing a wonderful possibility to all the souls who are ready for this mystery.

We would like to share this special and uplifting flow of messages in this material consisting of three parts, which reveals the real essence of the Christmas mystery. First, we share a touching story from our book “Calling You”, when Mara-Mary experienced the beautiful miracle of giving birth to Jesus. Then in the second and third parts, we share the revelation-like message that uncovers why we must experience this year’s Christmas and the following days as a sacred spiritual process.

We trust that this empowering and heartening teaching will warm up and shine through many hearts!

We wish happy and peaceful holidays filled with the abundance of love to all of our sisters and brothers in light!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Cover: Szabados Emese

Music: sound effects licensed by Pond5

(Once again, we would ask that, respecting our work, you order this spiritual material only for your own use and respect the cosmic principle of remuneration! Thank you)