The Path of Redemption for Electra’s Priestesses (HUNGARIAN language)

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A special story of fate is revealed from the heavenly chronicles born in the shelter of the Pleiades. Through this powerful journey, the beautiful priestesses of the star Electra can travel along the path of liberation, purification and deep healing. We introduced the cosmic story of the Pleiades in detail in our books titled “At the Gate of Cosmic Transfiguration” and “Stellar Destinies”. Many souls could recognize themselves in the mirror of the history of these stars.

The fate of Electra’s daughters – who are the initiating priestesses of love, healing and tantra, as the messengers of the Goddess – brought shocking revelations for many. They know the path of fulfillment and returning home through the secrets of the body inner flame and the feelings of joy through desires, from the depth of their feminine being. But their fate towards returning into the Light led them through much pain, many temptations, heavy falls and repressions related to sexuality and excruciating feelings of shame. The redeemed heavenly priestesses have already found the Light again, but many of the daughters of Earth are still looking for it. Thus we mainly intend this meditation to the women who recognize themselves in the story of Electra, and in the fate of the Serpent Priestesses in the mirror of the Stellar Nations.

The meditation leads us through this special inner path of redemption. The Great Goddess herself will guide us to help us reconcile with our bodies, desires and feminineness, so that we may feel again what the sanctity of the body means, as well as the regained, immaculate purity of our being. We can experience deep healing through each step of this journey. We also get a possibility to dissolve ancient bonds of sexual magic if there are any, which might create many different physical, emotional and relationship problems even today.

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