The Liberation of the Heart through the Mystery of Letting Go (HUNGARIAN language)

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We have long wanted to create a heart-healing meditation pathway that discharges and dissolves all the deep emotional wounds caused by our losses and disappointments. We have all experienced the emotional pain caused by big and necessary changes. When an important relationship ends or when a certain period is over we must go on to build a new life without the same familiar supports. Many have also experienced the dramatic loss of a loved one to death. These passages and endings create deep wounds in our hearts. One cannot really prepare for these and healing and recovery are usually very difficult.

It is so important for us to deal with this subject, because these emotional traumas work as active pain nodules and they invisibly drain a significant portion of our life force. Moreover, until the process of letting go is completed, we often unknowingly hold ourselves in a state of an inner latent agony. This creates a feeling of life being frozen around us and as our life stagnates, different physical symptoms can appear. The secret to healing from these deep wounds resides in the awakening of the Mystery of Letting Go.


It was Elisabeth Kübler-Ross who researched the psychology of death on a deeper level and she described the typical stations that appear when death approaches. The mysteries of death and letting go are actually very similar processes. Both death and letting go can be a pathway to light and spiritual rebirth and they follow similar steps. We well know that in our great losses, a small part of us always dies, too, and yet we have to learn to go on. And if we can truly grieve and work through these steps of letting go, we may finally be reborn with a new inner shining. We are then able to return to the flow of life and follow the calling of our destiny; accepting all the gifts and joy of life again.

With this deeply healing meditation, we can become conscious of this process as we are guided in how to release the emotional pain through the steps of the Mystery of Letting Go.  We are shown the pathway to complete healing; the listener is accompanied to that gate with a tender heart.

Cover artwork by Emese Szabados “The Mystery of Letting Go”

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