The inner pathway of handling and dissolving fear (HUNGARIAN language)

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We prepared this meditation and powerful self-healing path in order to be able to dissolve fear and anxiety, the emotions which are very difficult to manage and control, by exploring their real reason and source first. These feelings are never completely irrational and unexpected, because all the powerful and reemerging fears have a specific cause and root.

By discharging the energy that was manifested in the past, their current influence can be significantly reduced and then we can begin a new cycle of creation with the clear postulate of our soul, by which we can free ourselves from the prison of the past

and the negative unconscious energies.

So we recommend this inner journey to those who have regular anxiety attacks, recurring fixed ideas or panic disorder, because the use of this meditation (which is possible even on a daily basis) can significantly reduce, in fact, it can completely dissolve their effects and presence.

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Hungarian language

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