Harmonizing Our Chakras through the Ka-Híta Healing Ritual (HUNGARIAN language)

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In this special and powerful healing journey we are guided into the realm of Lemuria’s sacred land. We can participate in the beautiful sacral ritual there. During this process, the original “cradle of our light-body”, which is called Ka-Híta in the Lemurian language and which the key and central element of our fine energetic system, is anchored again. We can experience a wonderful healing of our light-body, with the cleansing and energizing of our chakras, releasing the negative contents and restoring our energetic balance.

As a result, we can be filled with new strength and power and we can experience a real and conscious rebirth on the physical and spiritual levels as well.

We would like to note that in the ancient Lemurian times, all the couples performed this ritual for their newborn babies in the 3 days following birth, in order to anchor and open the chakra-seeds and the so-called Elementary light-body structure, which was the key to the health and harmonious development. Thus today’s parents who walk the spiritual path can play this meditation near their child and revivify this wonderful ritual for their baby.

(The spiritual teachings related to the meditation can be found in our book ‘Stellar Destinies’

and ‘Calling You’ in chapter 4)


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó

Cover artwork by Emese Szabados – Secrets of the Lemurian Ka-Híta Ritual

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Hungarian language

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