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Stellar Codes — The inner journey of Sterope – Atlas / Pleione (HUNGARIAN language)

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Sterope embodies the purest wife and mother archetype, who deeply feels that her mission and fate is to become a good and loving homemaker and a caring mother to her children. This is a quiet service which seems to reveal itself in the simplicity of everyday life. Yet the establishment of the home, the hearth, the resting place for the heart and family, is the true seed of life – offering the foundation from which one can grow and start out on their way.

Through the mirror of Sterope we can see our inner ideal for our home and relationships. And we can see what memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings – past, present and future – we have about being a mother.

We can be healed in all these through this meditation!


Atlas and Pleione:

As it is expressed in the myth, they are the stellar couple who represent the absolute perfection of the archetype of the mother and the father. They are the constantly radiating, creating and nurturing sources of the Pleiadian star cluster. They are the parents who always extend the supportive power of unconditional love and acceptance. Our human being can carry many different wounds and deficiencies resulting from the conflicts and breaks in our relationship with our parents. This foundational instability can greatly weaken our grounding and rootedness in life.

Through this meditation we can step into such a shining Gate, where we can truly put these pains down. In the embrace of this stellar couple, the child within us can be healed and it can return home to find its primordial trust, power and faith in itself!


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