Stellar Codes– The Inner journey of Maia/Merope (HUNGARIAN language)

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The healers of this star are the keepers of Time. They have complete knowledge of the cosmic history encoded in our 12-stranded DNA and they have been the healers of our bodies and of our transgenerational patterns since ancient times.

In the process of the Ascension, they support the transformation of the light-body and our cell-level and DNA-level transformation. In this journey, we can experience deep healing, retuning and cleansing.



From among the Seven Sisters, Merope is the eternal rebel, the archetype of the freedom fighter. The lights of this star will spark your hidden, repressed and deeply covered dreams and desires. Merope invokes the enthusiasm of the “inner child” and enlivens the desire for freedom, unleashing the power of creation in life.

The priestesses of Merope can offer great help with crises brought on by puberty or menopause and with visible or invisible rebellious tendencies.

This meditation is deeply liberating and it connects you with the codes of your original life plan, so you may live the life you have dreamt for yourself!

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