Stellar Codes– The Inner journey of Alcyone/Taygeta (HUNGARIAN language)

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We visit the worlds of each of the four healing islands that open from and surround the central temple of this bright and beautiful star. Then through the special mirror of the inner sanctuary, we can meet with our soul and we can reach for the answers to the big questions moving within us.

If we struggle with fears or if we wish to get a better grasp of the events of our fate, if we are working on karmic problems, or if we long for a deep healing and have serious questions inside, we can go to the Temple of Alcyone to gather strength and to reveal the source of the answers within ourselves.



This star manifests the archetype of healing service. It can teach every healer or psychic soul – or anyone who helps others – with great experience and wisdom. This journey shows us how to live the fate of the healer in love, humility, sincerity and true Light.

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