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The Secrets of the Universal Light-Body of the Holy Spirit – ebook (pdf)

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We invite you to an initiating experience through a magical world revealed by the Holy Spirit early in 2021. Throughout 2021 the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, the 13th Stellar Nation, is the main guiding principle.

This material is part of our forthcoming book, Pearls from the Cosmos and we have translated this section into English as we would like to make this extremely valuable and important information, that comes from a 7th and 8th dimensional perspective, more widely available. The sacred knowledge that can be gained from this information unfolds when we understand that the universal quantum field is actually the light-body of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has shown us how wonderfully the space of apparent emptiness is permeated by the Divine intelligence of the God and the Goddess. This space is filled with incomprehensibly complex quantum nodes and cities of light that operate in the invisible. With awareness of the grace of the Holy Spirit, we can consciously connect to these sacred vortices, and we can actively use their energy to tune or elevate the vibrational level of our personal and collective earthly lives.

We would like to point out that even though one must “cling mentally” to come to a full understanding of the knowledge passed on here, the reality of the Holy Spirit can only be achieved with a deeply open-hearted awareness. Herein, we have tried to express the inexpressible and show a vision of the invisible. …

We hope that this high-vibrational pure spiritual journey of discovery will bring uplifting experiences to many!

(Once again, we would ask that, respecting our work, please order this spiritual material only for your own use and respect the cosmic principle of remuneration! Thank you.)

With love

Dr. Czeizel Beatrix és Greskó Anikó

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