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Stellar Destinies, Volume 1 & 2 – e-book (pdf, epub, Kindle mobi)

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The Foundational Pillars of Stellar Consciousness
Messages from the Akashic Records:
The Galactic History of the Pleiades, Andromeda, Sirius, Orion, and the Realms of Lemuria and Atlantis

In Volume 1 this fascinating book reveals the detailed Cosmic History of the Pleiadian Stellar Realms in an exceptional way. The Celestial Beings of the Pleiades have been supervising and aiding the fate of our Solar System since the beginning of Earthly times. The Earth is constantly bathed by wonderful wisdom, pure love, and healing power from the Pleiadian Light Centers.

According to Greek myth, the Pleiadian star cluster is inhabited by Seven Sisters – the seven daughters of Atlas the Titan and Pleione the Sea Nymph. The hearts of the Seven Sisters weep for their eighth sibling, their little brother – who is our Sun. This is how the Cosmic History of our solar system connects with the fate of these stars.

Through the millennia, the Priestesses of the Pleiades have descended many times to heal and to teach. These 5th dimensional Stellar Cities of Light bring us the feminine Celestial Wisdom of the Goddess as well as the touch of the Angelic healing path. Soul aspects from these realms have taken on Earthly embodiments of selfless and loving service to anchor the foundational codes of Christ Consciousness and to teach the secrets of healing Life and lifting our accumulated karmic wounds. They live here among us; maybe you are one of the stellar messengers of the Pleiades, working in service.

Knowing the Cosmic History of the Pleiades can help us find our stellar roots and recognize the basic characteristics of the ancient codes working within us; codes which define our Earthly life path and mission.

Another special treasure of this book resides in the Creation Myth of our Solar System, wherein we learn the story of how and why our Sun left his Pleiadean home. With this we gain a broader understanding of the meaning of the planets in our solar system as well as learning the exact meanings and interpretation of the asteroids. These planetary bodies are included in the holographic stellar horoscope, the Antares-Code© that is prepared by us in relation to the Galactic History described in our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families.

The four principal asteroids, the seven-star sisters, and their mother Pleione all personify different aspects of the feminine. Black Moon Lilith also offers a potent understanding of the feminine and in Stellar Destinies we explore a very new aspect and meaning of her deepest archetypical message in our codes.

We have spent thousands of years looking to planetary bodies for astrological guidance and yet throughout our history we have only regarded the feminine as reflected through Earth’s Moon and Venus. In coming to know the stories of these additional sentient Celestial Beings, we gain a new broader palette of feminine wisdom.


In Volume 2 we share exciting information about the galactic history of the “Andromedan fate”, as well as details about the character and function of the star Sirius. Then further, we explore the complex nature and history of the Orion constellation.

The very new and unique treasure contained in this edition are the confessions of five Ascended Andromedan Pegasus souls. From their personal stories we learn how they lost access to their stellar home on the star Mirach and how they had lived among us here in the Solar System and on Planet Earth. Their stories detail how they finally achieved their return to Mirach as Ascended Masters. With their sharing they provide inspiring examples of the path of redemption and return, as their stories profoundly teach the secrets of how to transform our lives towards Enlightenment. These stories also provide great support to those who explore the teachings of our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families.

Following the Andromedan, Sirius, and Orion revelations the most beautiful chapter on the ancient history of Planet Earth reveals, with lyrical narration, the world of Lemuria, one of the highest vibrational and purest spiritual roots on Earth. A special treasure of this mystical realm is the secret of the southernmost island of the ancient Lemurian continent, the Island of the Stars, called Aion-Ara-Celest-Thé-Om. This has special personal meaning for us as it chronicles our own remembered sacred roots upon Mother Earth in the aspect of ancient Lemuria that was brought from the stars. We also share a beautiful story of another Lemurian realm known as the Island of the Crystals, which some readers may recognize as their Lemurian home.

The Lemurian stories are followed by the presentation of the creation myth and the dramatic destruction of ancient Atlantis.

Wonderful illustrations complete this book, making it unique and timeless. Knowing of, and understanding, the beautiful spiritual pearls of our common pathway provides a truly essential foundation for experiencing stellar consciousness. Realizing the fuller context of our Cosmic History and landscape also greatly enhances our understanding of the 7th dimensional teachings of our book Stellar-Nations Soul Families.

Stellar Destinies is a magical spiritual journey into the living realms of the Stellar Cities of Light, helping each one of us recognize our own mission codes and the primordial motivations of our Destiny. We recommend this book, with all our heart, to seeking souls and Lightworkers who feel that their pathway began in the stars, and who have been searching for long millennia with a burning sense of longing for home.

May this book bring you profound recognitions and understanding of your stellar roots!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Authors of the multiple award winning

Stellar Nations – Soul Families and Calling You


Editor: Leslie Powell Shankman

Cover image and laying out: Emese Szabados


Stellar Destinies was released as an e-book in three different formats. After purchasing the book you’ll receive an automatic confirmation letter with the download links. Please save the files on your computer as the links might expire. You’ll receive a PDF that you can read on your computer. The epub file can be seen and read by all Macbooks as they have an e-reader program integrated. In case you have a PC you can find several Free ebook reader software on the internet that you can download. And if you have a Kindle book reader device you can use the mobi file so that you can adjust the style and letter size to your preferences.

There are some positive aspects of having an ebook as you’ll be able to use and read Stellar Destinies some minutes after purchasing it and you spare the quite high postage as well.



Table of Content



The Path Towards Stellar Consciousness

Entering the Beam of the Photon Belt

The Cosmic History of the Stars of the Pleiades








Atlas and Pleione

The Gate of the Sun

Solana’s Cosmic Memory

Solana’s dreams about the Planets of the Solar System, the Story of the Birth of

the Asteroids and their Meanings in our ©Antares-Codes



Pallas Athene



The Black Moon Lilith’s Messages

Introduction, Volume II

The Cosmic History of the Stellar World of the Andromeda Constellation

Messages of the Ascended Pegasus Souls – the Andromedan Masters:

The Story of Zohaximé

The Story of Filiandré

The Story of Lobélia

The Story of Kuthumi

The Story of Sironmé

The Stellar Messengers of Sirius

The Spiritual Codes of the Orion Constellation

The Worlds of Lemuria

The People of the Stars in the Blue Bay

The Realm of the Star-Hearted Beings

The World of the Star-Eyed Beings

The Realm of the Fairies

The Message of Atlantis

The Mystical Story of Our Ancient Lemurian Island of the Stars

The Story of the Lemurian Island of the Crystals

About the Authors