The Fourth Key of Creation – the Secret of Quantum-creation (HUNGARIAN language)

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The ability to create is the greatest gift and promise given by the Divine to humans. Over our long history we have forgotten the full potential and extent of this gift. It is time to realign with, and reclaim, our Divinely appointed Destiny Codes. It is time to remember and actualize ourselves as Creators in the image of God and the Goddess. For this another wonderful tool and an exceptionally powerful spiritual key has been born, to help us revivify our right and ability to create our lives from within to without. In this guided meditation we have included everything that the human soul can be capable of if one takes hold of the secret of creating their fate, life, and reality from within to without.

In similarly themed meditations that we released (in Hungarian) in the previous year – The Source of Wealth; The First, Second and Third Keys to the Processes of Creation – we presented the inner forces that we can call on and regain through creative visualization. To do this we need to dissolve the belief systems that limit any level of “wealth”; by deactivating the oaths of poverty, by using the creative secrets of the stellar nation of the Unicorns, and by bringing the creative mystery of the Goddess to life.

And now, in this meditation, we share a majestic and exceptionally powerful key that we received from the Holy Spirit – from the wisdom of the Breath of the Absolute. In this creative meditation, we reveal the secret of quantum-creation. In quantum-creation we manifest in a carefully constructed secure energy field, in resonance with our Divine Destiny, while connected to the unlimited creative potential of the universal quantum field. We do this with the power of our own consciousness, freedom, and entitlement as Cosmic Humans, with the power of our creative imagination. With this we can create a completely new reality, transforming our personal and collective quantum fields, tuning these fields with the frequencies of Love and Light.

So, this inner journey carries the key to rebirth in all areas of our life. We hope with all our hearts that many souls are uplifted through this!

With Love

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Cover artwork: Emese Szabados

Music: Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by and stock media provided by