The Mystery of Creating the Pegasus Light-body (HUNGARIAN language)

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A beautiful and unique mystery unfolds throughout this inner journey, which can be an exceptional gift to those who have recognized themselves in the Andromedan story introduced in our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families, and those who have discovered deep spiritual codes connecting them to the Pegasus Stellar Nation.

In this special meditation, we share the sacred ritual through which the reality of the Pegasus light-body can be invoked. As you gently unite with this reality, the secret of the Pegasus destiny – manifested as the cosmic messenger who connects the different worlds – becomes an inner experience, while you can receive the current Celestial messages. This audio meditation contains an inner mystery-journey that was one of the greatest treasures and gifts of the year of the Pegasus Stellar Nation. Until now, only the secret spiritual tradition could hold the sacred mantras, along which the stellar vehicle of the Pegasus light-body could be awakened, but now we are sharing it in a wider circle because we thought it was important that the members of our wider “stellar family” could experience this special initiation ritual as well.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel & Anikó Greskó


Cover artwork adapted from Irina Kharchenko’s artwork by Emese Szabados “The Myster of Creating the Pegasus Light-Boy”

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by and stock media provided by