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Calling You – Book Festival contest results 2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We happily share with you that our recently published book titled ‘Calling You’ gained fantastic results on several international Book Contests and became an Award-Winning Finalist in the “New Age” category of the 2016 International Book Awards, Runner-Up for Best Spiritual Book 2016 Amsterdam Book Festival and Honorable mention Spiritual Book on 2016 Paris, New York and London Book Festivals. Moreover it received a very nice critique from the judges in Bruce Haring’s team at JM Northern Media Book Festivals and from Writer’s Digest judges as well.

Please find our results and the book commentaries below:

2016 Paris Book Festival – honorable mention – Spiritual Books category

2016 Amsterdam Book Festival – second prize – Spiritual Books category (Past Winners in menu bar)

2016 New York Book Festival – honorable mention – Spiritual/Religious category (Past Festivals in menu bar – 2016 winner list)

2016 International Book Awards – Finalist – New Age category

2016 London Book Festival – honorable mention – Spiritual/Religious category (see past festivals in menu bar)

2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition – runner up (we were informed in an e-mail from them, it is not shown on their page)

2016 – Judge’s Commentary about our book „Calling You” on Writer’s Digest 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards:

“An extremely visual book, the authors excel at painting pictures with their words, giving us a breathing reality imbued with sensory details for a truly immersive experience. Some gorgeous phrasing in here, such as ‘transcendent snow-whiteness’ that creates a glitter in the reader’s mind. We get a new and lofty look at the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene that challenges our pre-conceived notions, creating warmth and nuance in their connection that we may not have expected. The relationship adds a new depth to who we know as Jesus, and breathes a masculine and feminine energy into the 7 Wisdoms we have learned. The authors have given each chapter engaging names and lead us through the parables and lessons in a nice flow of energy. Some of the writing seems excessively descriptive, whereas some more simplicity may have been more effective. A balance of descriptive vs. plain may have created a more natural pattern here. At many times, though, the language is both lofty and lyrical. Authors have included sensory details for better immersion in the story, and we experience inspiration and revelation as we go along. This is a complex book, filled with descriptive gems and a remarkable take on a relationship that has its place as a formative element in Jesus’s works. The authors deliver on their promise to provide a guide resulting in soul healing. We are at the very least transfixed and most often fully engaged and enlightened. I would have liked more dialogue, but where we do find it, it shines. Well done.”

BOOK CRITIQUE by JM Northern Media Book Festivals of CALLING YOU written by Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Aniko Gresko

The meaning behind the stars, the message behind the gospels, the secrets of galactic creation, and the information contained in the Akashic Records are combined in this compelling spiritual guide. For seekers of truth, it truly is “Calling You” to absorb its revelations.

Deep reverence for spiritual subject matter is recommended before wading into this nearly 800-page book, and familiarity with the authors and their prior works also helps. It also would be good to have a passing acquaintance with Atlantis, Nibiru, demon possession and the Sirius star system, among other items that require delving beyond the mainstream.

Translated from the original Hungarian, and following the release of more than 50 guided mediations CDs, this book seeks to lead its readers toward enlightenment. The authors claim their spiritual awakening led to their inner sensibilities expanding, so much so that the pages of the Galactic Akashic Records opened to them.

Their work here is to bring those stories, the history of the stellar worlds, and the four pillars of Creation, back to general awareness.

As an addendum to that awakening, the authors seek to guide initiates toward the present age message of the Mysteries of Christ, offering new perspectives that will help unravel the secrets and lead to true understanding of the teachings of Jesus. The book is intended “for those who wish to find the light and presence of God and the Goddess through the teachings of Christ; for those who want to turn the Divine Presence into a palpable living reality in their everyday lives.”

It is recommended that you read the book carefully, perhaps taking notes along the way to sharpen focus. The authors are very strict about the way their teachings need to be absorbed. They insist that you read chapter-by-chapter, and not rush through the book without contemplation. You must also not lend the book to others, or provide details about specific stories and teachings to those that do not possess their own copy.

As such, we will respect their request to not delve too deeply into the specific stories presented. But for those seeking a nourishing and often difficult path to greater knowledge, Calling You is an intensely satisfying work that will certainly ignite some hidden meanings. It is well worth the time it takes to read this moving work and understand its teachings.

Bruce Haring

JM Northern Media Book Festivals

7095 Hollywood Blvd. #864

Hollywood, CA 90028

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