In these days one of the most important protectors of the Goddess’s Realm will open a stellar portal to contact our earthly sphere through the Sun Gate.

This is the first and extremely important star projection in the year 2024, which delicately strings together the spiritual energies governing this year, in which the influence of the stellar nations of the Great Felines and Dragons will be most felt.

Between 12th and 16th January our Sun will be aligned with the star of alfa Pavonis, called also Peacock Star, which shines in the newly recognized constellation of the “Panthera Pardus-Phá”, which forms a beautiful heavenly black panther in the pathway of the Stellar Nation of the Great Felines.

The Peacock Star conceals a wonderful 8th dimensional world, which guards and transmits that stellar ray towards the entire universe, which we could express as the flame of Divine Truth, the flame of Freedom and the flame of Free Will. Therefore one of the purest representations of this nation is realized through this star, and we can consider it to be the spiritual cradle of the Nation of the Great Felines. It is the flame that means the protection of free will and it is kept alive by the remembrance that each being can practice the right of freedom, the means of free will and everyone has the right of realizing and experiencing oneself and of being in perfect equality with all other beings.

If this ray projects into someone’s birth chart, it means that the person’s heart, soul and consciousness is very deeply permeated by the love of freedom and the self-realizing power that is hidden in independence, and s/he deeply believes in freedom as a sacral tool of fulfilling one’s destiny.

Now we can feel as if the Queen of Heavens sent her magnificent, graceful totem animal to give out an important sign by it. This stellar ray contains the message and appeal that we should examine our own life first and see how far we can live with this essential universal right of freedom and free choice. How much we give freedom to ourselves or how much we commit ourselves to the expectation of the outside world and engage our days completely to serve the needs of the people around us instead of listening to the voice of our soul.

We should examine if we dare to feel free at all, and dare to fulfill our onetime dreams or whether we slowly lost the gleaming of this inner flame that could remind us of our original Divine Fate.

So may the flame of the heavenly Black Panther cast light upon our days with the ever burning light of Freedom and Free Choice!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó 

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