The Message of the Southern Cross

We would like to call your attention to a really uplifting and high vibrational stellar influence that will subtly permeate the next few days. In the cycle of the year, we have just reached the period when the orbit of our Sun takes a heavenly stellar bath, charging up from the energy field of the heavenly Temple of Christ, which is hidden within the Crux constellation.

The four stellar portals shining in the Southern Cross define such a heavenly sacral space that is the cradle of the ideas and teachings of Christ and it is at once the home of the Christ Soul and the stellar nation that is related to him. So this is where the healing and teaching pathway of Mercy and Redemption starts out from, in the galaxy and towards planet Earth too, and this celestial location is also the Source of the powerful teachings of our multiple award winner book titled “Calling You”.

You can read more about it and purchase this beautiful heartfelt book through our website.

In this period of mercy, filled with the atmosphere of celebration, the Delta Crucis star will be the first to come into conjunction with our Sun between 27 and 1 November, which can bring us the revelations of the Divine Will.

This will be followed by the alignment of Gacrux and the Sun between 29 October and 3 November, which spreads the healing message of the Divine Mercy in our world.

The star-dance of Becrux comes next, which transmits the light-signal of the Divine Law into our world and finally the light of Acrux will cast its light onto the Earth through the star-bridge of the Sun too, between 3 and 8 November, in order to make us feel the presence of Divine Love that prevails even through all our difficulties and pains.

May this period be blessed for all of us!


Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Image by an unknown artist, many thanks to the artist!

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