(August and September 2023)

There seems to be a “window of light” opening to us from the stars to carry us the message of the Christ Soul and the related celestial community.

During August and even in September, the Sun will gradually come into conjunction with the stars of the Big Dipper, one by one, as if a special star-dance began between these extremely important sacral stellar spheres and our Solar System.

The light beams of the Big Dipper’s stars (the inner pattern of the Ursa Maior) – which is one of the central constellations of the Stellar Nation of the Bears – will intertwine with the rays of our Sun and as the stellar rays of the Celestial initiating schools of the Mysteries of Christ, they will illuminate the sphere of Planet Earth and thus the consciousness and especially the heart of the humans. The mysteries of the heart are connected to these worlds, therefore we will be awaited by the tests and also wonderful initiation experiences of the abilities and realness of our heart. We should again prepare and attend to this heavenly process consciously.

So according to the teachings of the Stellar Nations, we should pay attention to the following conjunctions:

Dubhe – Sun conjunction – with the initiation of Unconditional Love – 7-11 August

Merak – Sun conjunction – with the initiation of Unconditional Acceptance – 11-15 August

Phecda – Sun conjunction – with the initiation of Trust and Empathy – 23-27 August

Megrez – Sun conjunction – with the initiation of the Balance of Generous Giving and Receiving – 24-28 August

Mizar – Sun conjunction – with the initiation of Faith – 7-11 September

Alioth – Sun conjunction – with the initiation of Forgiveness – 2-5 September

Alkaid – Sun conjunction – with the experience of the Power and the Wisdom of Light – 20-24 September

This is of special importance for us now as it is the heavenly and earthly chronicle of this exact beautiful initiating pathway that permeates our multiple award winner book titled “Calling You”, so these subsequently projected stellar rays will prepare the heart and soul of our future readers who will be ready to enter the wonderful soul-gate opened by this book.

If you have already read this book or if you are just planning to begin on this extremely powerful pathway, you can use this period in a way that during the days of the influence of the Big Dipper’s stars, you can always read their corresponding chapters. Each will reveal the secrets of that particular Wisdom and mystery of Christ, which is represented by the star that reaches us at the moment, intensified by the Gate of the Sun. In this way, stepping into the Temple of their own hearts, each spiritual traveller can experience that deep soul-healing and initiating path again, through which the messages of the Christ Soul, Mary Magdalene, Mara-Mary and the Holy Family come to life from within, to speak to them from inside their souls.

This year, this Gate of Light is especially important, because our turbulent world is in great need of this Heavenly wisdom and pure heart power! Furthermore, this gate of light is also very important, because this is the start of the second great round of development of the year 2023, which until now was mainly guided by the stellar nation of the Angels, and now the heart-initiating spiritual energy of the Bear stellar nation is being connected. 

We hope that this period will bring lots of really deep heart-catharsis and moments full of happy love and true faith to all of you!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Image by Autumn Skye Morrison, many thanks to the artist!

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