We should pay close attention to certain stellar influences in the present and coming period again as we can lift the vibration level of our days much higher then.

Further stellar rays of the Unicorn Stellar Nation will come into conjunction with the Sun, which will thus strengthen and activate their affects and bring their messages closer to us. 

Between 10 and 15 July, Castor and then from 14 to 19 July, Pollux will be aligned with the stellar bridge of our Sun, so the mirror of this will reveal our polarities and emotional extremes with special intensity. In one moment, we can feel very high, really happy and content, full of power to realize all our dreams. Then suddenly the next moment we could be overcome by inexplicable fears, doubts and even a depressive renunciation of those dreams.

But whenever we find ourselves in the energy field of these two stars, the biggest lesson we have to recognize here is to stop and stand in the middle. To find that inner center within our being where the confusing impulses of our fears and thoughts disappear, because that is the point where we become one with the Pathway of Our Soul and unite with our Divine Destiny to gain strength to continue from there…

We wish this uplifting experience of the peace of the inner centre to everyone!

With love

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Image by Daniel B. Holeman, many thanks to the artist!

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