Now a very nice stellar ray is cast upon us via its conjunction with our Sun. The ray of Delta Monocerotis – which was introduced by the stellar history of the Unicorn nation – smoothly melts into the radiation of our Sun between 10 and 15 July. Through its bridge as if a heavenly blessing would be projected into all kinds of partnership and into the ancient alliance of the soul-mate relations. So all those whose hearts feel safe already in finding a companion and those who can hold their twin-flame’s hands within their own can find even a new burning of their love, because the flame of each and every relationship should be nourished every day with renewed love and tenderness.

There can be a special power of love entering those relationships too, where that burning and passion has faded away a bit, so that each one of the couple should recognize and remember again what was the attraction that made them fall in love with one another, and what were those features and values, which they found so precious as to join their lives for it, so that after all they can look at each other with the same glance of love.

And finally for those who still seek for their “other half” and hope for finding their soul-mate lost in time, under this conjunction they should also watch for the little signs that life brings about and walk with open hearts, because maybe this will be the moment when all those feelings of missing can be healed and the barks of these separated paths will meet and unite finally. …

We wish all of you beautiful and gentle moments of love!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó

Image by Carol Cavalaris, many thanks to the artist!

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