The fourth pillar of the Pegasus mission codes will be revealed in the next few days, in the form of the conjunction between Wasat and the Sun, prevailing between 8 and 13 July.

„The stellar messengers of Wasat are sent to situations and worlds that are stagnant. Where the life has frozen, lost its creative dynamism and nothing seems to move. The participants have taken up total passivity and they are unable to make any moves for the change, for the fulfillment of their destiny. Furthermore, they mainly wrap themselves up in the energies of an apathetic and nihilistic self-pity and a depressive resignation, and do not do anything for some change. This is when the Pegasus messenger arrives, as a therapeutic consultant or healer and tells them what steps should be taken in order for this spiritual swamp to be dissolved and this dark and dragging inner vortex to be loosened. S/he sees the pathway of the given person  – or soul-community -, in which they have gradually departed from their original channel of fate, and as this is the exact message the Creator had assigned the messenger with, s/he knows the way the numbing fog can be dissolved, and the correction of fate can be made, but still, s/he experiences that  even though the person listens to what s/he says, s/he does not do anything, just keeps on complaining seated in the well-known frames of the situation s/he has created. …”

The cycle of failures that is connected to this gate is when the messengers step a little out of their role, go beyond their scope and intervene in the events…

Realizing the fact that there’s no change or improvement and confronting the passivity of the helped ones, there can be a growing tension, a more and more intense inner frustration present in the messengers performing their duty, in fact, it can even create some rage in them, until they can no longer resist the “temptation” and feel that they have to intervene in the stuck processes. At first, they usually start to supplement the missing energy from their own energies, they bring momentum and energy into the situation and then they simply make the necessary moves themselves instead of the given person. …”

This is all very dangerous also because there might be many different karmic burdens the messenger could take upon him or herself unnoticeably, which could make his or her life much more difficult and use up a lot of energy while the person who needed the help does not change or develop at all.

The final moral lesson of this mission could be the following:

 “We can often help by not helping” and it takes a great wisdom to feel the border between the active participation and the necessary retreat.

It might occur – by following the higher guidance of the Heavenly wisdom – that we can give much more by not helping and tell much more by keeping quiet, and give a deeper answer if we just wait for the answer to be born in the questioner’s heart and mind, and when turning it into an inner experience it shall truly become his or her own and strengthen him or herself.

 (The detailed teaching can be found in our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families, page 366-369)

Again, we can only say that it is possible that we find ourselves in a situation like this during this summer or maybe certain cases could remind us of our own memories of similar situations so that by consciously dealing with the solution of these charges and painful patterns we may finally be healed and freed from this attitude.


Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Image by Sanne von Kalken, many thanks to the artist!

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