We are deeply grateful for the community of the fairies and the elves for sending their nurturing and caring lights to Mother Earth from the stellar realm of the Hyades in this period of the year again (between 27 May and 5 June). We know how long they have been living here among us invisibly as the keepers of the Earth and the sustainers of our beautiful natural environment!

The Hyades consists of a V shaped string of five stars on the head of the Bull, from its eyes to its nose. It is formed by the Alpha (Aldebaran), Theta II, Gamma, Delta 1 and Epsylon Tauri stars. It is important to remember these special realms this year, when the cycle of our spiritual evolution is supervised by the Stellar Nation of the Birds.

 Within the Hyades Cluster Alpha Hyades – Aldebaran will be aligned with our Sun from 29 May to 2 June.

There is a beautiful maar there, which is like the special bed of a universal sea that is full of life. This is where the complete biosphere of the seas and the oceans is born. This is where the fairies imagine the living organizations of the seas as the living environment, from the “flowers” of the seas through all the species of the cartilaginous and bony fishes and the corals to all the living aquatic creatures.

The following star, Theta2 Tauri will shine and speak to us through the gate of the Sun from 27 to 31 May. This is the most beautiful heavenly garden of the flowers and plants. This is where the fairies dream and create all the existing species of the plants in complete detail. This is also where those heavenly gardens are born in which the fairies who maintain the balance of the natural environment carefully establish the creative harmony of the perfect symbiosis between the different vegetation types of the plants.

This is followed by Gamma Hyades (Tauri), which exerts its influence between 25 and 29 May.

This stellar world is the home of the forests. The Council of Elders that was born and which is living on the star Deneb, within the community of the trees, dreamt something big together. From this dream, all the species of trees were born, which exist in the galaxy. The Elves became their keepers. It was also wonderful to see that the consciousness of the trees can reach out this far, including the ones living on the Earth. It is because this is the home of the original, primordial heavenly forest, where each tree fulfills its life and completes its mission to perfection. They are all completely aware of the mission codes that are implanted into their existence. They know what their exact job is and what emotional energies they need to collect and filter out from the atmosphere of the planets. The trees are born from this consciousness and their souls dissolve into this collective consciousness after they let go of their bodies and their ethereal bodies are extracted when there is a new seed planted in their place out of which a new tree will be born.

The following gate is the star Ain – Epsylon Hyades, which is aligned with our star from 27 to 31 May. This stellar world is the cradle of the nearly uncountable species of the birds.

As we dissolved into this sphere, it was a very exciting experience to identify with the boundless expansion of the element air, and to experience the great adventure of conquering the boundaries through the wings of a bird. We met the diverse communities of the birds ranging from tiny to great, kinds we had never seen before. They were all messengers, carriers of news. They connect humanity with its own higher consciousness, with one another and with the collective life-plan that is attached to the given space and time; by travelling through the air corridors of the interplanetary networks of light.

Now there is only one more star left, the fifth one, which is Delta1 Tauri. It will be transmitting its messages to us from 26 to 30 May the most intensely. This star became the home to all the existing animal species, which were born from the beautiful collective dream of the fairies and the elves.

The creative desire of the Celestial Human Couple wanted to fill the surfaces of the planets – which they had received as gifts – with colorful life, so they asked the fairies to continue their dreams and create the beings, which can populate the living environment, the forests, the hills, the valleys, the riverbeds and the great waters.

So an amazing diversity of animals was born on the Delta1 star, from the little mouse to the elephant, the giraffe, the zebra, the kangaroo and the buffalo; from the little rodents to the deer and the monkeys, the list could be continued endlessly.

We must know that each animal species is born in a way that it is endowed with a spiritual code. There is no naturally born plant or animal species that is self-purposed. That is why within the so-called magical thinking, at the ancient and native people, these animals become totem animals and they are associated with certain spiritual codes. These spiritual qualities are originally there in the depth of their cosmic genesis and the fairies and elves know these codes exactly. They were the ones who had taught the magicians and medicine men of the shamanistic cultures what kind of powers can be paired with certain animals, making the humans aware that these spiritual codes had been implanted to the higher stellar consciousness of these beings, which they would represent on the planets, too.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families Vol. II.)

And finally our hearts seem to stretch out to the secret and often invisible realm of the fairies and the elves to say:

“The memory and the inner vision of the child within us have not forgotten you and it always recognizes you walking the gardens, fields and the forests and it remembers every tiny trace of your blessed and fruitful work! Thank You for being with us here on Earth!”

With love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Picture by Wesley Souza, many thanks to the artist.

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