We are happy to call your attention to this wonderful and powerful stellar influence, which comes into effect from today, because the star of Aldebaran we could meet from the stellar pathway of the Angels comes into conjunction with our Sun between 29 May and 4 June. This beautiful stellar realm – as the Alpha star of the Taurus constellation – is the home of the Guardian Angels. Thus it is useful to attend with a special sensitivity because we can receive messages from the community of the Guardian Angels through these days and their gentle protective presence can be sensed more directly.

 “The Divine order was that “there shall be a guardian angel to accompany each galactic human being, and to be his or her supporters, guards and helpers even at the times when s/he submerges into the colorful and sometimes frightening cycles of experiencing, and forgets about his or her essence, at the eras of oblivion”. The guardian angels’ job is to connect the human – or other being –, for whom the angel is appointed, with the person’s highest Divine Intention that is written into his or her destiny, the purest possibilities that unfold from the Divine Will, through which he or she may recognize himself or herself and fulfill his or her Destiny called Life.”

On the other hand, those familiar with our book Stellar Nations – Soul Families may know that there is a deeply painful memory related to this stellar world on the pathway of the Angels, too, which is helpful to read from the book again now, because there might be such healing and liberating recognitions arriving these days, which can serve as remedies to the people with “angel souls” and a kind of guardian angel destiny.

(Stellar Nations – Soul Families pages 134-147)

May these days spent in conscious awareness bring lots of joy to you and let us be thankful for our planet, which is permeated with all this wonderful life and the beauties of nature.


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Takaki, many thanks to the artist!

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