As we shared in an earlier stellar message, the rays of our Sun continue their stellar dance among the celestial gates born from the stars of the Cassiopeia/Miopé constellation. In the third step of this wonderful process our Sun will be in conjunction with Gamma Cassiopeiae between 3 and 7 May.  During this period, the soothing voice of Heaven and the messengers will lean especially close to those who have been living in a stuck and frozen state of certain loneliness and isolation, in order to help them in finding the way out and to assist them in becoming active creators of the big change in their lives again.

This will be followed by the conjunction of Sun – Ruchbach between 7 and 11 May, which will represent a stargate through which the messengers can arrive with the news of ending. The messenger can take up any form in this case, in order to express that a certain period of life, a relationship, some behavior pattern or even a cycle of suffering has come to its end. This stellar ray and the messenger who stands next to us in a human body during these times will help us travel through the mystery of letting go or a loss if necessary, or they can help us recognize the sign in the future towards which we can set out with the hope of a new beginning.

And then finally the star of the fifth column of light will start its dance in the arms of the Sun; so from 13 to 18 May, we can receive messages from Segin, in a special way that it will open a mystical time gate and through that time gate, certain moment, memories, forgotten dreams, meeting and relationships of our past could return for us for a little while to flash back the message they contain. And if we attend real carefully it could even occur that the different fate alternatives of our future could be projected into our minds to reveal their messages for us and help us understand what decision we have to make and which direction we should take in our present to make our creative dreams come true. ……..

We wish you all a wonderful star-waltz! 


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel &Anikó Greskó


Image by Christabelle L. Amort, many thanks to the artist!

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