We have talked about the Sagitta constellation before, a further star of which – the Gamma Sagittae – conjuncts our Sun between 25 and 29 January.

This star carries a really special mirror and message, which probably concerns only a few but they will know exactly what this means. …

As we could learn from the teachings of the Stellar Nation of the Dolphins, “in the mirror of the galactic Akashic Records, the stars of the Sagitta constellation represent the sacrificing of the dolphin soul, who performs the life-rescuing, healing service.

So it holds a very painful memory and if it is projected into our chart then this experience can be included in our past in some form.”

So in our Antares-Code, this star can unfortunately indicate the possibility of our being sacrificed in the service of the good intention we are driven by or our desire to help. When we have done all we could possibly do for someone, with all our heart, yet that person seems to turn against us and use us or even attack us from behind, due to a sudden and unexpected betrayal. The Gamma star of Sagitta represents the wounds of the generous, compassionate person’s heart, who performs a healing service in any way; so “when the arrow pierces through the heart of the dolphin”.

Therefore this person has to be aware enough with regards to whom, when and how s/he provides help, because it is very likely that his or her path will not always be accompanied by gratitude or similar good will in return.

S/he will have to learn to feel intuitively which situations are the ones when s/he truly receives a Heavenly call and thus it is very important for him or her to provide help and on the contrary, when s/he would only interfere in the destructive tension of a serious karmic relationship, where only the participants’ spiritual maturing, karmic settlement and conciliation could bring relief, and thus it is better for her or him to stay away. 

With Love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by MelieMelanie, many thanks to the artist!

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