Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It’s Saturday again, a new possibility for the awakened Lightworkers living all around the world to meditate and pray together and to collectively create the turning of the current processes for the purpose of a future born in light on Planet Earth.

Today is a special celebration day because we started joining worldwide exactly seven years ago! That’s why it is such a heartwarming feeling to know that there are more and more small groups created in our country and all around the world every week, who experience our meditation called „Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge” or you can work with our brand new meditation called “The sacred ritual of creating the personal and the collective quantum field” in a soul-to-soul connection, because we believe that we have our spiritual and heart-power to help Gaia and our human world in this!

You can see on the map that from how many places we meet and join as Lightworkers holding and anchoring stellar consciousness and placing our faith in the idea and collective vision of planetary ascension created together forming the critical mass for this to happen.

(If you join from a place which is not on our map yet, please write us to and we put your shining spot on it as well)


Let the motto of this uniting be our prayer we wrote for the Ascension:


Prayer for Ascension


… If the calling reaches your heart,

and a vision rises within

connecting the past and the future,

to guide your human and galactic journey

towards that magnificent Bridge and to the Gate,

simply surrender to the inspiration that arises deep within the silence.


And as you start to rise on the words of a prayer,

make your way towards the Light that lifts you

above the nightmare of the collapsing world.

Stay focused, let nothing divert you.

Set apart the true from the false,

and spread the awakened treasures of your soul before you.


Step out from the frame of your roles

to enfold within only that which is Love.

the genuine Truth that expresses as joy, gratitude and pure humility,

in which you recognize that you are Nothing and Everything at once. …


“Our Father and Mother, who fill the Universe,

and penetrate all of life with your presence,

please show my returning soul the Pathway home.


Please create lanterns so purely illuminated with

certainty that their bright shining keeps me awake and aware,

and guides me away from the false whispers

and tempting whirls of chaos.

Give me the strength to turn all fear into faith in the Light.

If I fail and give up half-way, please, lift me up.

Embrace me if I ever believe

that the pain can break me.

May You touch me with your Light, if I lose my own.

Free my heart please, from all the shadows that emerge.

And stay with me, until I begin to once again feel

the highest endless river of Love

that continuously flows from the source of Creation.

Which can help me to make a bridge from my own being

leading all the way to the gate of the Diamond realm of Christ,

the Redeemed Earth, Yahuna Gaia.


So, when we arrive together, Sisters and Brothers,

breathing as One-Heart,

we shall embrace our Earth in the mantle of our united light-bodies,

to step over this threshold at last!

To arrive where the shadows turn back,

where the Light transforms us into stars

on the clear magnificent sky of our new world…”


Beatrix Czeizel

So let’s meet in our souls today again, at any time between 5 and 10 PM (CET) or whenever you can.


May this collective meditation bring wonderful and blessed experiences and an enlightened enrapture for all of us!

Love and Light 

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


(The above mentioned meditations can be purchased via our website in MP3 digital version:

Creating the Mer-Akai Protective Shield and the New Ascension Bridge (ENGLISH language)

The Sacred Ritual of Creating the Personal and the Collective Quantum Field (ENGLISH language)

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