This is the time of the year when the Perseid meteor shower becomes clearly visible as Planet Earth travels through this field consisting of many tiny galactic specks of dust orbiting around the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle.

It was named after the constellation Perseus, because if viewed from the Earth, these particles appear to come from there, featuring a beautiful phenomenon of light as they burn up. August is the month of shooting stars when we can sometimes see even 60-100 shooting stars an hour over the clear night sky. The peak of the period from 23 July to 20 August usually comes on the nights of 12 and 13 August.

Folklore holds that the shooting stars enclose our dreams, and if we come into soul-connection with them, they will fall towards the Earth so that their light-seed will plant our creative dreams into the life-texture of the planet. They help us this way in the realization of those dreams.

 Happy dreaming to everyone,




Image by Kagaya, many thanks to the artist!

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