21 June 2022, 11:15 AM, Budapest (UTC+1) 

This moment in the cycle of the year has always been considered an important sacral celebration in the religions of the native people and the ancient times. This is the day when the Light remains with us for the longest time during the day, so that we can breathe in and embrace the message of the Light so deeply that it may last for the rest of months throughout the year.

Thus it seems as if we should stop the time for a while, to prolong being embraced by the arms of Light and to multiply our power and consider all the recognitions we have made so far and also to send out our creative energies. So in such sacred moments it is useful to look back, to see what steps we have taken so far to reach this point since the previous Winter Solstice, and to see what we have grown in, matured and became wiser in. To consider what gifts we have received so far and to what extent have we been able to integrate those into our everyday lives. We should also think about which things we must detach from ourselves as they might still be hindering our real rebirth and obstructing us in realizing all that we have learned so far.

May this celebration of nature bring blessed recognitions to all the inhabitants of our Mother Earth!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Illustration by Josephine Wall, many thanks to the artist!

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