We would like to warn you about an unpleasant influence that calls for our awareness again, namely that our pole star – Polaris – comes into an exact conjunction with the Sun between 18 and 23 June, the effects of this could be especially felt on the 20 June.

As we could learn from Niome’s story (Stellar Nations – Soul Families Volume II, pages 134-135) our present North star has become an important station of the dark forces and the fallen cosmic arthropods, where serious mind-manipulating and fear-generating influences can be sent out from – often transmitted by the channels of the media by the way.

Our awareness is needed again to exclude all these effects completely and send away all the strange feelings of negativity, rage and fears they activate and the temptations related to the desires of our body and the emotional compensation through eating.

The influence of Polaris can especially stir up the destructive inner battles we have related to the never-ending discontentment about our body, the energies of the repressions and shame related to sexuality and the feminine being, and unexpected energies of rage can emerge against ourselves or others and beside those some unexpected fears can come up.  

But it is true in this case too, that if we are aware of it then we will expose these illusionary influences with more awareness, we will not follow their destructive impulses and with the focus of our spiritual power, we can send off all the alien and disturbing influences from our living sphere. We should simply attend to the Light within ourselves and in our environment and we should only give energy to what we would really like to identify with and to the things that give us energy and joy.

We explained in our book “The Galactic and Earthly Keys of the Mystery of the Final Redemption” that Polaris, the Alpha star of the constellation Ursa minor had originally been an important station of the Stellar nation of the Bears – the pathway of Christ. It was the heavenly confessional shrine of the apostolic messengers, where they could transform any shadow in their hearts into light. But after this star had suffered an attack, the memory storage was very seriously abused. As a result, the “Bear souls” could be especially sensitive to this stellar influence and a strange sense of inexplicable fear, guilt and unworthiness could emerge in them during these days. But that is only a projection, an illusion coming from outside and we must simply command it out from our thoughts and feelings.

According to Niomé’s current messages, the characteristic energy coming from Polaris could also have an effect, which can make us feel as if a strange and heavy haze descended on our head, repressing our awareness and narrowing our mental abilities, but most of all, oppressing our spiritual inner senses. It is motivated by the intention of eliminating the deep urge within humans, which drives our lives towards seeking God and learning about the transcendent heavenly forces. The soul of the cosmic humans had always been deeply imbued with the memory that once they had begun their pathway of experiences as the dearest children of the Creator, like universal chalices of life, capable of embracing all the rays of creation into their being, and collecting memories throughout their lives, which they would lay down the Creator’s altar at the end of their journeys.

This is why the current influence of Polaris is so destructive and harmful. We must very consciously keep it away from ourselves, by holding onto the golden thread of our faith, beliefs and spiritual convincement.

It is important to note furthermore that we learnt recently that there is a negative programming coming to Earth from Polaris, which can intensify the religious battles and religious fanaticism and which can generate unpeacefulness even within the community of Lightworkers. Thus we must attend even more carefully and we just have to focus on the fact that every spiritual pathway leads to the very same reality of Creation, regardless of the cosmological bases and creation myths they originate from. The true purpose of each belief and religion can only be to connect humans with the Higher Reality and the Universal Source.

So we wish you all, days permeated with heavenly and earthly protection, awareness and pure power, undisturbed by any alien influences!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Illustration by Deltamike, many thanks to the Artist!

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