Dear Sisters and Brothers,

While preparing for this year’s Easter, we can recall those exceptionally powerful teachings, which we shared in our book “Calling You” with all the people whose hearts are guided most deeply by the remembrance of the mysteries of Christ. Today – especially that in this year we experience the message of this celebration in the orb of the Libra Full Moon again – the story detailed in the 7th chapter of our book will be very emphatic again, with the story of the weakening of the apostles, and also the wonderful, far-shining revelation that discloses the secret of the Resurrection in Chapter 13. We feel that a very nice spiritual energy field could be created and filled with faith and true heartfelt experiences if many people would read the messages of these chapters of “Calling You” and let their teaching codes into themselves during these days.

At the same time, it will be useful to work with our meditation CDs titled “The Mystery of the Acceptance of Mercy” and “In the Heart of the Celestial Swan”, so that this collective remembering may become a true heart-healing experience in the lives of many.


The book and the meditation can be purchased through our webshop:

Calling You book – ENGLISH language

The Mystery of the Acceptance of Mercy – NEW RELEASE (ENGLISH language)

In the Heart of the Celestial Swan (ENGLISH language)


With deep love,

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Artwork by Danny Hahlbohm, many thanks to the Artist!

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