Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The last day of 2021 has come. It’s time for us to say goodbye to this very important year that gifted us with so many special spiritual experiences, guided by the initiating path of the 13th  Stellar Nation so the majestic guidance of the Holy Spirit’s grace.

As usual, in the gate of the New Year, it is useful to take some time and look back at the past year – or in this case at the past 14 years – and describe what it is that we would like to leave behind; the things we would like to let go of and put down for real so that we would no longer carry and create them in our next year again.

And then from this gate, we should send out our creative dreams, knowing and keeping in mind that according to the Akashic Records the year 2022 will be permeated with the spiritual presence and initiating teachings of the stellar nation of the Unicorns.

Let us ask the Galactic Delegation of the Stellar Nations and our spiritual guidance to bless the coming year of 2022 and to prepare the light-packages of the celestial messages which have been sent to us, so when the time comes, we shall be able to hear, receive and realize the gifts of our spiritual pathway and destiny.

We wish all our sisters and brothers in the light a wonderful year filled with love and accomplished dreams – a year bearing the light-sign of the heavenly blessing. 

Please welcome our video on this day – The Invocation of the Stellar Nations

(Video made: Szabados Emese

Written and performed: Dr. Czeizel Beatrix

Music: and

With love

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó

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