21 December 2021, 5:00 PM, Budapest (UTC + 1),

According to ancient tradition, the Winter Solstice is the celebration of the victory of Light. The indigenous peoples strongly believed that the united consciousness-field of their human community and the sacral rites they performed on this night were equally important in order to roll the wheel of fortune further on and to defeat the darkness that was growing since the summer solstice as they invited the power of Light into their human reality. It is a mystery play that spiritually represents the option for every conscious human soul on the spiritual path to fight for their own light against the fear and darkness emerging within or around them, so that the light should appear on the outside as well, to make the days grow longer and the nights become shorter.

This moment unfolds a different quality every year, as if it revealed new ways and possibilities for the great transfiguration and for the sacred motion of transforming the darkness into light.

This day has such extraordinary powers and sanctity that is rarely given. This year’s Winter Solstice coincides with a heavenly process of great significance. As we wrote about in detail in our latest book, “Pearls from the Cosmos,” it is at this mystical gate that the cycle of the New Time Loop as a Parallel Fate Alternative which was launched on December 29, 2007, during the Global Fate Correction, ends. And then on December 29, 2021, we will cross the gate and begin the next great 9-year cycle that we received for spiritual awakening, uniting humanity and the lightworker community, and reaching the vibrational level of planetary Ascension.

And between the two moments, according to the Celestials, it will be a bit like entering an extraordinary phase out of time, in which we can surrender ourselves to the Christmas celebration, whose main mirror and spiritual mission is to measure ourselves and the abilities of our hearts to the qualities of Christ Consciousness. On the other hand, an internal inventory of the last 14 years must be prepared to show what fate corrections would still be needed to be able to reach the highest possible vibration at the gates of the next life cycle. What are the situations, old patterns that we need to leave behind because they can no longer elevate us, or what new contour we need to dream of to express our spiritual identity and the call of our Divine destiny.

Something New can be born in all of us, so that together we can create something new and brighter at the level of the collective field of consciousness.

This is supported by the star of Sirius projecting on the Cancer Ascendant from the path of the Unicorn stellar nation, which carries the light codes of the ABC of Creation and just suggests “redefine yourself,” “define, decide, and declare who you want to be, how you want to live, what experiences you want to have in your life, regardless of what is happening in the outside world ”.

This is further supported by the intuitive Cancer Moon in the 1st House.

And the signs are not over yet! Another subtle sign in the arrival of the news of “birth and rebirth” is that Ceres, the asteroid that represents the archetype of Mary the Mother is aligned with the Ascending Moon Node in exact conjunction with all the stars of the Pleiades in the astrological 11th House. Maybe we can recognize the support of the energy of the Cosmic Mother in the invisible and this might relieve us of the potential loneliness and losses and little and hopefully makes everyone feel that “the Creator’s love never ceases to shine upon us”. Moreover, it reminds all Emissaries of Light that there is no longer individual redemption on the path to Ascension, because this dream was built by Heaven to unite groups and spiritual communities.

This uniting is about to become the liberating celebration of sensitive care, compassion, forgiveness and love – so that we may become genuine in all our truly important human relationships in the moment when the Kundalini Snake of Gaia reaches the stars and forms a celestial bridge for the voice and the messages of the Heavenly wisdom. This is how we can recognize the gradually unfolding stellar codes of the Divine Plan, which project the steps of the year of 2022 to us, and even the next 9 years.

So let us spend this day with the real connecting of our hearts, with creative dreaming and with meditation on the faith of light – after the deep inner transformation, the different recognitions and all the letting go we have gone through the past year of the Holy Spirit. Now we can step through the arches of the lights of Christmas time with a strengthened soul, along a clearer inner vision – towards a new creative cycle.

Let us welcome the currently revealing heavenly impulses with gratitude and a truly open heart – while we can complete our own mystery journey for the triumph of Light within and around us!

May you have a beautiful, heartfelt and blessed Christmas time!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Artwork by Celine Grandidier, many thanks to the Artist!


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