We are happy to let you know that between 29 November and 5 December, the beautiful 7th dimensional stellar world of Antares will come into conjunction with our Sun to open the gate of the galactic remembrance through this powerful stellar portal.

The stellar world of Antares is the station of the Stellar Nation of the Angels where the Galactic Akashic Records are held. All the memories are recorded in this collective memory field in the forms of very powerful and unique sounds. We received the teachings of the Stellar Nations through this inexpressibly wonderful stellar realm so it is very close to our heart.

“The job of the Angelic community of Antares is to keep all the light-eggs that are born here – meaning the creations of all the idea-waves of the Universal Mind –, all the steps of the Divine Plan, as links of the cosmic remembrance, and to record them in the Book of Life, which is held at this place, and which could be considered as the database of a galactic library consisting of holographic light- and sound-codes. So every idea, which once left the Divine Mind and longed to be realized is recorded among the Akasha Chronicles of Antares, and then also the extent to which these conceptions have been realized, completed, and the way they could reflect the perfection of the original will, purpose and dream, are also recorded in detail.

So in a way, we could also say – using a profane metaphor – that they are the “Angelic scribes”. Although it would be much more expressive to say that they are the rememberers and the reminders.

They are the keepers of the collective galactic remembrance; in fact, Antares is the projection of the Divine remembrance too.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families, page 134)

So this star will send its messages to us again by remembering together with us – recalling some of our earthly or even galactic experiences, which we really need now in order to connect with our Divine Destiny more and more clearly and to complete the tasks we assigned for ourselves for this and the next year individually and also collectively as a great human community on this planet.

Furthermore, the anchoring of the Divine Plan of the following period and year is happening now and we can grasp important details from it during these days.

We wish you wonderful dreams and many memories to be revealed!


Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Kagaya, many thanks to the artist!

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