September 22. 2021, Budapest 9:21 PM (UTC+1)

The sacred celebration of today’s Autumn Equinox is actually a celebration of the ancient relationship between Mother Earth and humanity, which has a tremendous global impact.

On November 11, 2017, following the guidance of Sophia, the greatest healer of all Life, at the request of Mother Earth, we were called to take part in the series of anchoring the 13 New Seeds of Life which have appeared in the space of the planet. We followed a special rite called “creating the Redemption key formation” above the newly prepared Cradles of Life of the etheric chakra vortexes and ancient sacred sites of Mother Earth in the past years, working on the given site at each time.

During the beautiful sacred ritual in 2018 Fall Equinox, we guided in our group, from among the ancient sacral places and main energetic centers like the chakra vortexes of Mother Earth, we worked with the throat chakra vortex of the planet. We could understand that Gaia actually reveals herself in two significant moments of the year to pour out her messages to all the creatures of the Earth. It is during the Spring and the Fall Equinox. In the springtime, we mainly receive the program of the Divine Plan of the given year and then in the fall we can realize the possibilities of fate correction through which we can correct the mistakes we have possibly made so far or the consequences of the steps we have missed to take.

This year, this moment will be colored by the vibrations of the planetary throat chakra through the Gemini Ascendant, on which the beautiful stars of the Hyads are projected, from where the realm of terrestrial life, wildlife and the fairy realm receive their higher stellar guidance. As the Sun enters into Libra through the 5th House, which brings joy of life and liberation.

Another special beauty of this constellation is that this year, in the Year of the Holy Spirit, the Ascending Moon Node and Neptune are the most important representations of the Holy Spirit. The former is in conjunction with Aldebaran, while Neptunus being in the 11th House – representing human communities and ability to unite – is in conjunction with Kjara, the beta star of the Phoenix constellation, that can rise from it’s ashes. While at the Descending Moon Node, the beautiful star of Antares, home of the Galactic Akasha Chronicles, is being projected.

This constellation is especially important to us, as in the orbit of this fall’s equinox, on September 19, 2021, we anchored the New Seed of Life of Antares carrying the message of one of the pillars of the Milky Way in the designated Cradles of Life on Earth. Thus, the message of galactic memory and galactic consciousness permeates this celebration today.

So let us listen to Mother Earth and Antares stellar gate today and receive the healing messages deeply into our souls and bodies that are now pouring out.

Wish you a blessed Equinox celebration!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel&Anikó Greskó


Image by Josephine Wall, many thanks to the artist!

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