Let us celebrate together on this day Mary Magdalene the true love and soul-mate of Jesus whose spiritual legacy has been recognized officially by the brave hearted and wise Pope Francis who elevated the day long set aside for a memorial to Mary Magdalene into a feast day. This basically lifts her to the level of the apostles, even the „Apostle of the apostles” and consider her the 13th evangelist. We worked a lot for this awaited moment to come through by the teachings and holy messages of our book ’Calling You’ and now it is so heartwarming and uplifting to know that the moment has arrived for this Message to spread and touch much more human hearts. Thus Mary Magdalene’s precious Soul can lean close to those believers who honor and invoke her consciously.

Let us remember and invoke her with Mary Magdalene’s Prayer from our book ‘Calling You’, and celebrate this day wholeheartedly!


Mary Magdalene’s Prayer


In the chalice of my life, the thousand-faced

desire of the Absolute longed for life

which I have come to unfold in heaven and on earth

through angel-lighted and human-hearted dreams.


The flame of Christ shines in the chalice of my heart,

to draw a sign of light onto my sisters’ and brothers’ hearts.

And to spread the sustaining light

of the flame of the heavenly love conceived in eternity

to all of my lost sisters and brothers, equally.


In the chalice of my body, the creative wisdom

of the Goddess’s desire-colored joy resides

to make me her embrace

and the cradling peace of her womb,

to make me her consoling caress,

and the renewing, miraculous gentle glory

of the Great Mother’s healing magic

that is cast upon all her children in the same tender way


And now I have come to offer the power

of my life, my heart and body for all who is in need,

with the word of this silent message:

If you are uneasy,

just listen to the peace throbbing in your own heart

If you feel tiny and fragile

take into account all the things that you have done

all the creatures you have created

and see the tremendous treasures of your spiritual wealth!

If your needs and losses are too painful to carry,

attend to your virtues,

all the love you have ever had and that still awaits you.

If you don’t know whether they love you,

just observe your own love for others…

And if the feeling is present in your heart,

you can be sure that the Divine Heart

beats together with your own

and out of the Divine Love for you,

you can feel that love as well.

If your faith is weakened,

and your day is overcome by despair,

remember the way you stood up the last time,

because you were lifted up by an invisible hand

and you recognized that for each dream you had lost,

the Creator gives you a hundred new ones,

and He holds you in His arms like his child,

and offers you to your destiny

to complete your sacred journey!


Let this burn within you as an eternal memento:

You are blessed in your body,

You are blessed in your heart,

You are blessed in your life,

And in your completeness,

You are One with All that is

from the beginning till the end!


Beatrix Czeizel



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Artwork by an unknown artist, many thanks to him/her

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