21 June 2021, 5:33 AM, Budapest (UTC+1)

This moment in the cycle of the year has always been considered an important sacral celebration in the religions of the native people and the ancient times. This is the day when the Light remains with us for the longest time during the day, so that we can breathe in and embrace the message of the Light so deeply that it may last for the rest of months throughout the year.

Thus it seems as if we should stop the time for a while, to prolong being embraced by the arms of Light and to multiply our power and consider all the recognitions we have made so far and also to send out our creative energies. So in such sacred moments it is useful to look back, to see what steps we have taken so far to reach this point since the previous Winter Solstice, and to see what we have grown in, matured and became wiser in. To consider what gifts we have received so far and to what extent have we been able to integrate those into our everyday lives. We should also think about which things we must detach from ourselves as they might still be hindering our real rebirth and obstructing us in realizing all that we have learned so far.

This is a particularly powerful creative moment on a personal and global level, because at the time of the Summer Solstice, the Sun and Ascending Moon Node, along with Mercury, line up in the 12th House, calling for an internal inventory at the crossroads of light and shadow forces. Through the Sun Gate, the influence of Polaris is now projected which can be felt as a very heavy, astral mind-manipulating energy-cloud that creates fears, frustrations and inexplicable inner tension. Which, however, can be compensated by our faith in the Divine Laws and in the high-vibration Divine Order through the star ray of Betelgeuse. To which is joined the ray of Menkalinam, also known from the path of the Stellar Nation of the Angels, which echoes our prayer for Truth and the return of the Light. Meanwhile Mercury is helping to process the events of the past one and a half years and find our inner balance in the Force with the help of Rigel’s stellar wisdom.

This triple stellar effect — that is, the presence of the stars of Polaris, Betelgeuse, and Menkalinam — seems to suggest that some sort of Heavenly reckoning is taking place beyond the veils, in which the forces driving our earthly world are measured to become visible in the light of Divine Laws and Higher Justice, so it can be revealed what is true and what is completely false. While at the Ascending Moon Node is bathed by the starbeam of Aldebaran, the home of the Guardian Angel to bring us the sense of being protected and cared for by the presence of Divine Providence. As during this year, the Year of the Holy Spirit, the message of the Holy Spirit is projected primarily through the Ascending Moon Node and via the bridge of Neptune, so now on the longest day of the Light, it can give a particularly beautiful and heartwarming sense of security.

An interesting contrast is also reflected in the fact that the calling voice of our Divine Fate can be heard through the light-aura of Neptune in the 10th House, which is now surrounded by very beautiful healing stellar influences from the Pegasus Stellar Nation through the rays of Markab, Matar and Sadal Bari, while on the other side Zeta Reticuli projects it’s ray here also bringing the temptation of the shadow alliance, which again calls for vigilance and well-considered decision if one receives special new offers for one’s career that could affect his or her destiny in the long run.

Moreover this crossroad of light and shadow is further enhanced by the extremely clear and uplifting beam of Acrux and Gacrux from the Crux constellation through the Scorpio Moon in the 5th House, embracing us with Divine Love and Divine Grace and bringing encouraging inspirations. While the ray of Macula Magellanica is also projected upon the Moon, which is the home of Niomé, so it can be very important to see through the illusions and feel the possibly not pure intention in a situation that is now settling around us.

At the same time, the Cancer Ascendant can bring a gentle sense of home and even a pure intuitive alertness, as the star of Alhena illuminates the way before us with messages of a vision of foresight to draw the signs of our  highest destiny that shape our future into space. So let us be vigilant and active creators of this important process.

May this celebration of nature bring blessed recognitions to all the inhabitants of our Mother Earth!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Illustration by Psygarden. Many thanks to the artist!

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