We would like to share with you that in the following days a very interesting stellar influence will be above us from the stellar pathway of the Cosmic Humans as Mesarthim from the Aries constellation will be in conjunction with our Sun between 21 and 25 April.

“If we step onto the circular passage of the Ecliptic, we will start out from the sign of the Aries, which is a constellation of yang polarity. So at first, Áhann begins his journey.

This stellar ray, as an initiating star for the humans, represents a quality similar to the “Magician” card in the Tarot. This is when the masculine being stops and stands in a majestic power-experience, full of inner fire, and he expresses his will, and creates by his will. So this is the entry into the process of creation. By focusing and deeply concentrating the power of will, the solar energy, the man launches something; he sets something into motion, and fills it with a kind of pure magical power. He fertilizes and calls something to life, either on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

There is a special emanation of power about him, a sense of naturalness. We might even say it is an obvious easiness. So it is through this stellar ray that he learns to express and control the creation processes through the energy of his will. It is not a coincidence that we relate this to the archetype of the Magician, as this is truly a motion of magic indeed.

We can consider and interpret the stars that belong to the path of the Cosmic Humans in a plastic and expressive picture that the initiating stars queued in the circular hallway of the Ecliptic are like the classrooms of a great galactic spiritual school, where Áhann and Iota had placed the keys of the initiating mysteries and which the humans living on the different planets – on Earth in our case – can enter, to learn during the interval between their lives, in order to be able to prepare for the challenges and trials of the following incarnation.

On the star of Mesarthimwe had learned how to focus and use our power and will perfectly and effectively, and how to fertilize and mobilize the material realm of the 3rd dimensional world of the Earth, in order to be able to create – wealth, prosperity, or anything we desire. We must know however that the will power goes through a very long evolutionary process, in which the will of the Aries, through the transfiguration of the Pisces, reaches the completeness of the spiritual creative power.

So this character of the magical will must go through numerous temptations and trials in order to find its highest level and purest voice. As the consciousness of a human with the Aries Sun sign goes through so many different levels too, until s/he expresses it not in the lower qualities, but on the highest possible octave. As the will in the lower resonance is mainly an inner self-accomplishing impulse, which is formed and expressed by the ego-self. Thus, since this will is completely autonomous and self-fulfilling, whatever resistance it comes upon, it will want to break through that, it will want to destroy that, it will confront that, attack that, like we say, it “batters its head against a brick wall”. So any human being on this initiation path must refine his or her will into its most subtle grades, which is truly the wisdom of the magician, when s/he becomes able to motivate and move the things around him or herself not by raw physical power, but by the power of thought and pure idea. When s/he becomes able to transmit the messages and feelings into the matter, and launch the desired processes in there. Of course, the intention must still be evaluated here, as this is what decides whether the magician’s practice will be white or black magic.

Based on all these, we may say that this star is the location of the initiation of the will, from the basics to the master degree. Anyone whose horoscope contains this star must also learn to handle his or her will power well. S/he may feel that there is a very strong energy of will power inside him or herself, which as a child s/he might have tried to prevail by throwing tantrums and fighting, until s/he slowly starts to manifest these on a higher octave, with the true intention of creating – by the motivation of the positive fertilizing creation. So the purpose of this will power is to call something to life, which can express the Divine essence.

This way it can be related to the male sexuality, the masculine fertilizing power, which is capable of creating a new life by the focused fire-energy, tantric masculine energy.

The Mesarthim can actually be interpreted as a higher octave of the Mars from among the planetary rays.” (Stellar Nations – Soul Families)


We wish you a wonderful and uplifting creative period!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Whendell Souza, many thanks to the artist!

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