A very special stargate has opened up in these days because Mirach – the Beta star of the Andromeda constellation and the most important stellar ray of the Stellar Nation of the Pegasus – has come into conjunction with our Sun between 20 and 24 April.

All those who have read our books know very well what the “Andromedan fate” means and this could be understood even more deeply through meeting the galactic fate-history of the Stellar Nation of the Pegasus (Stellar Nations – Soul Families, page 371-401).

It is explained there that Mirach is a 5th dimensional world, which is the home of the celestial messengers, the galactic navigators. This is where they start out from to complete their mission in different parts of the galaxy and to deliver the heavenly messages even to hidden and deeply isolated worlds such as Planet Earth.

“… Éon, this beautiful, snow-white Pegasus comes to understand the essence of his own existence here – He is the Divine messenger, the transmitter, the cosmic link between the worlds.

And in the moment of his realization, he can also feel that the intention of the Source of Creation calls and asks all the members of this stellar nation, at the gate of the creation of the galaxy, to establish the bridges of light, the links and connections between the worlds, which have fallen many billions of light-years away from one another. To establish and create that great network of light, out of which the light-body of the galaxy may be born. As the galactic space is truly like a great light-body, the cells of which are the stars and the organs and refined sensors of which are the star clusters and solar systems, which have to learn to breathe together now, to become a single giant cosmic organic unit.

Now let yourself be taken upon Éon’s back, and experience the way he awakens the highest level Celestial mystery of connection-making by each fine motion of his wings, out of which bridges and light-threads are born between the planets, stars and stellar systems.

Fly together with him now, as he stretches the golden light-threads while traveling from one point to another, so that the connection may be established between the parts, which have separated from Oneness and began their individual lives, so that togetherness may be created and the cohesive force of the Divine love may come into work. This is how the voice of the Heavenly Message can get from one world to the inhabitants of another distant world. …”

Thus we can say that such a mystical gate has opened up just now that will pour personal and collective celestial messages into the sphere of Planet Earth, which can fill up the heart and awakening consciousness of all the people who open themselves to receive these. Furthermore we can also say that a special healing and calling ray will embrace the hearts and the fate of those Pegasus souls who had once set out from the world of Mirach, so they will come to experience a true sense of Home again. On the other hand for many people, this can intensify the feeling of yearning for home and the hope of finding their stellar roots…

The answers can be found in our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families!

Beside all this we must remember that Mirach does not only belong to the Pegasus path but to the Stellar Nation of the Dolphins as well. The fourth golden dolphin starting its galactic journey from Sirius founded the fourth dolphin tribe in Mirach which sings the sounds of the Heavenly Message, as if they were saying: “you are never alone!”

The sound of the message is actually a many-thousand-faced and toned Divine symphony, which transmits such a Heavenly message to the different beings that connect them with their own higher selves and the transcendent presence. So the dolphins and the dolphin souls that live in a human body heal the illusion of separateness with the message, the voice of the Heavenly presence. In this sense, this is very much similar to the Pegasus mission, so it is not a coincidence that these two paths interweave here.

Wishing you a joyous and blessed time!

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Philip Straub, many thanks to the artist!

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