We would like to inform you that there could be some tension rising in the following days together with the influence of a sudden and difficult emotional wave, as between 10 and 15 April, the Sun will be in conjunction with a stellar force that has one of the hardest energies. According to the galactic archetypal remembrance, it is one of the galactic prisons – the Zeta star of the Cetus constellation – Baten Kaitos, the star that represents the belly of the sea monster.

We described it as the “bottom of the underworld” where the communities of the fallen angels and dragons had been chained up.

This world is like when we lose the contact with the outside world in the darkness of a prison, we lose reality, the points of reference, all the scenes of life that reflect us, and we can only experience the message of the dim light infiltrating through a tiny crack, which is more like only the memory of Light. We get locked into ourselves completely, in order to recognize our sins, to confront the mistakes we committed, and finally to do penance after the inner drama of this recognition.

Each year, this is a time when we could be reminded of the shadows of that certain spiritual quality, the stellar forces and initiating pathway of which determine this period.

This is how we described it in detail in our book titled Stellar Nations – Soul Families:

If the star Baten Kaitos is projected into someone’s birth chart, s/he may be aware that this kind of lapse, falling and the difficult experience of the accounting after that had already occurred sometime in his or her galactic past. At the same time, this memory had burnt into his or her soul so deeply that s/he would like to keep up his or her awareness even in this present life, so that s/he would always walk the destiny-path that is designated for him or her and that s/he should not repeat those former mistakes or sins. In fact, it is possible that there are some periods in his or her life when s/he can feel like s/he gets locked into him or herself, as if a dragging vortex isolated him or her from the surroundings, thus s/he is forced to withdraw from all kinds of activity and contact, and life urges him or her to a very serious and necessary self-examination. As if s/he bumped into walls wherever s/he turned, and the only way out of this is revealed by the ultimately honest confrontation and analysis of his or her inner underworld and the hidden motivations. At these times, it can be great help if the person dares to ask the following questions from him or herself: “What have I committed? What is my original sin, which projects into the present now? What is my treason? What do I see and sense wrongly?” Somehow this recognition is needed that “whatever the reason may be, I am certainly making amends for it now. And my task is to recognize the mistakes I have committed, my false motivations and my selfishness, by which I might have hurt others”.

It is very important that we must stay away from any projections, we cannot project the causes of the events into our environment, we cannot search for a scapegoat, and even if there have been negative, destructive or even seemingly magical effects in our life, we must know that it is always our responsibility if we choose a certain direction and follow a tempting voice. So the star Baten Kaitos is a galactic chamber of mirrors. Thus the harder we repel and try to blame others for our problems, for this barricaded and tied up state, the more persistent the situation will be, and we will nearly freeze into the illusion of our helplessness and despair. On the other hand, the sooner we take up the real and honest confrontation with ourselves, in fact, if we are able to correct the committed mistakes, so we take responsibility even in front of others, and we are not afraid of the small death of our ego, which usually happens in these moments of humility, the sooner we can break free from the grip of our inner walls.”

And this prevails now, too, because if we manage to find these shadow points in our personal and collective history as humans living on this planet, and then take full responsibility for those acts, then soon the direction of the whole year will turn around and a beautiful, merciful energy will be poured out for us to help in redeeming our mistakes and failures and to heal together with Mother Earth. This stellar influence becomes even more prominent and powerful today, because under the Aries New Moon Baten Katitos sheds light upon the Sun-Moon conjunction.

We wish you a lot of strength for these days, especially for the possible confrontations and recognitions!


Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó


Image by Gene Raz von Edler, many thanks to the artist!

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